transparent! Translucent beauty at a glance

Spirit Of Big Bang tourbillon 5-day chain sapphire watch, diameter 42mm / polished sapphire material / HUB6020 self-made manual winding skeleton tourbillon movement / power 115 hours.

The sapphire case is Hublot’s signature handwriting. It has two characteristics of transparency and hardness, providing a transparent viewing field without dead ends, fully revealing the mechanical structure and beauty of the skeleton movement. Through new 3D processing technology and more than 100 hours of precision grinding and cutting, Hublot has created a transparent and luxurious case for the Spirit of Big Bang tourbillon sapphire watch, fully releasing the pure and transparent beauty of sapphire.

To create an impeccable sapphire case is undoubtedly a difficult technical test. The upper structure of the case, the bezel, the two upper covers at the end, and the lower structure of the case back are composed of four precision-machined sapphires, all of which are transparent to reveal the mechanical movement hidden in the case. It is not easy to cut and polish a sapphire, which is as hard as a diamond, into a case, and it is even more difficult to make it into a barrel shape with a curvature. It is necessary to create all parts through special processing equipment and a new process to obtain the best quality. Clear effect. All parts must be completely transparent and flawless, without leaving any scars in the processing process, because in the transparent case, even tiny fine lines can become obvious shortcomings, and its production difficulty is by no means comparable to that of ordinary cheap watches.

This watch is equipped with the HUB6020 manual winding movement, and its unique base plate structure can be fully appreciated through the case back.

Not only that, but the annular rings used to indicate the hours/minutes and power reserve are also made of sapphire, with white numerals and scales, clear and pure, implementing the translucent aesthetics, and creating a richer penetration for the dial. Layering. In addition, Hublot also matches these two models with a transparent three-dimensional structure rubber strap. The pure and colorless transparency extends from the case to the strap around the wrist, perfectly defining the new generation of avant-garde mechanical aesthetics that spans luxury and trends. .

The annular ring used to indicate the hours/minutes and power reserve is made of sapphire and has a unique visual effect. When worn, under the contrast of the skin, the transparent beauty of this Online fake watch is more highlighted, and the layered layout is wonderful.