IWC new ceramic pilot

IWC launches three new ceramic models inspired by the U.S. Navy pilot squadron

Three brand-new chronographs named “Royal Mace”, “Bowler” and “Blue Angel” in the IWC Pilot’s Watch series are available to citizens for the first time.

The hot launch of the automatic version of the high-heeled IWC pilot watch “Lawrence Special,” based on Schaffhausen, manufactures three new ceramic chronographs inspired by the US Navy Pilot Squadron just announced. Like Lawrence, the appearance of these limited editions is bound to cause a lot of topics.

It is quick to understand that IWC’s use of ceramics in its pilot watches is a good thing. The brand may not be a pioneer of this material, but it has realized that the tough and lightweight characteristics of ceramics are very suitable for a watch that can be bumped. In addition, IWC has successfully applied the unique finish of ceramics to its legendary pilot’s watch, almost reshaping its iconic style.

Add this to the three timepieces decorated with the famous U.S. Navy squadron patch-“Royal Mace”, “Top Hat” and “Blue Angel”-and you have a series of flight chronographs.

We may have entered the age of flying for more than a century, but the ability of humans to soar in the air is still exciting, because flying implies the possibility of adventure. Since designing the first pilot’s watch 85 years ago, IWC fake has been working with flying boys and girls.

But military pilots are a rare breed. They must strike a balance between bold behavior and precise maneuvering. Therefore, for many years, the brand has been consulting pilots to assess their specific needs and requirements to develop military-specific service watches, such as the Mark 11 of the Royal Air Force.

Since 2018, IWC has been approved to make watches for the entire U.S. Navy and Marine Corps aviation units. Including 247 active squadrons and 100 non-active squadrons. IWC also worked with more than a dozen squadrons to create special editions for current and former members.

IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr said: “The IWC military program is an important platform for our engineers and designers to exchange ideas with elite pilots from the U.S. Navy and other armed forces around the world.” “These pilots are jetting every day. Our watches are tested in the harsh environment of the cockpit. Their feedback is very valuable to us, not only can improve the quality and durability of our watches, but also create unique and attractive designs.

So, unsurprisingly, the most striking thing about these new watches is the squadron they represent:

The 27th Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA-27) stationed at the Japanese Marine Corps Iwakuni Air Force Base, also known as the “Royal Mace”, was part of the Carrier Air Wing 5 air raid and flew the F/A-18E Super Large Wasp plane.

Strike Fighter Squadron 14 (VFA-14)-also known as “Tophatters” was established in 1919 and is the oldest active squadron in the Navy, stationed at Naval Air Station Lemore, California.

The U.S. Navy’s “Blue Angels” Flying Demonstration Squadron was established in 1946. It consists of 141 members from the Navy and Marine Corps. It is the second oldest official aerobatic team in the world (the French aerobatic team established in 1931 is the most ancient) .

Now, with the launch of the pilot chronograph versions of the “Royal Mace”, “Top Hat” and “Blue Angel”, IWC is providing these commemorative designs to non-pilots for the first time.

The pilot’s watch chronograph “Royal Mace” special edition (model IW389107) was inspired by the exclusive military version originally developed by IWC with members of the VFA-27 squadron. Therefore, the dial has the “Maces” patch at 6 o’clock.

To commemorate the iconic color of the device, it also features a yellow day of the week indicator, a yellow-pointed central chronograph second hand, and a yellow small second hand. Can you guess the color of the stitching on the strap?

Of course, these popular colors complement the black dial and black zirconia ceramic case. The buttons and crown are made of Ceratanium, the back cover is made of lightweight air grade 5 titanium, and the squadron’s F/A-18E Super Hornet jet is engraved next to the official squadron name “VFA-27”.

The pilot’s watch chronograph “Tophatters” special edition (model IW389108) also proudly displays the squadron’s iconic top hat logo on the black dial at 6 o’clock, and is engraved on the titanium back cover. The rest of the watch is made of black zirconia ceramic.

The chronograph button and the crown are also Ceratanium-a material developed by IWC, which is as light and durable as titanium, while also having the hardness and scratch resistance of ceramics. As a tribute to the color of the team, the day display, the tip of the central chronograph second hand, the small second hand and the stitching on the black calfskin strap are all in the unique red of the device.

Finally, the “Blue Angel” version of the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph (model IW389109) has a bright blue ceramic case made of zirconia mixed with other metal oxides. This color scheme echoes the blue rubber strap of the watch with fabric inlays.

As with the “Royal Maces” model, the date and small seconds at 3 o’clock are highlighted with yellow details. However, it is not a central chronograph second hand with a yellow tip, but a pure yellow.

Finally, the iconic “Blue Angel” badge is displayed at 6 o’clock, and the team’s iconic words are engraved on the titanium back cover.

Using these iconic patches is a great way to commemorate the past of these squadrons. In addition, the use of ceramics has successfully controlled the present and the future. But in the final analysis, what makes these pilot watches stand out is their accuracy.

All three 44.5 mm chronographs use the 69380 movement manufactured by IWC. This mechanical chronograph movement consists of 231 individual parts, and its design focuses on robustness and reliability. In addition, it uses the column wheel to control the stopwatch function, while the two-way pawl winding system provides energy to establish a 46-hour power reserve.

The trio also uses a soft iron inner shell to protect the movement from magnetic fields. The sapphire crystal glass mirror on the front has been carefully fixed to avoid displacement in the event of a sudden drop in air pressure.

These timepieces also meet the registration requirements of the My IWC maintenance program, and therefore enjoy a 6-year extension of the standard 2-year international limited warranty. swiss luxury replica watches