Tag Heuer Monaco

Also, which watch is inseparable from the car? Also, the speed and passion of racing sports have been enthusiastic about the global public. From the Monaco Grand Prix of the three-crowns, the Monaco Grand Prix worth the Value Value Value Value Value, each event creates an unprecedented visual feast with a harsh racing runway and the blood boiling speed motor. At the same time, as the official timeliness partners of such fierce events – Tag Heuer Monaco, also known as global, highly known. In 1969, Haoya launched a new Monaco watch and was named in a fiercely nervous F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Bold square construction, the style design and precision Calibre11 automatic timing of the Calibre11 automatic timing of the Calibre11 is destined to have a deep origin with the racing movement.

This year, Tag Heuer brought two new Monaco series of watches. Among them, the limited edition TAG Heuer Monaco series green dial timetable is the brand to celebrate the Monaco Augustine Car Grand Prix, and the other, that is, the special edition of the Titana Monaco, the Titani Monaco, which is just released. The eye-catching titanium metal combines the design of the Monaco rugged road to present a new limited time for strength players.

Tag Heuer Monaco series of titanium special edition, with a special titanium metal material exhibits an extremely convenient chronograph watch.

The new titanium sheet shell is treated by the process, which presents an extraordinary dumb, low-key grinding material brings the unique experience of the wearer, anti-scratch, very resistant, and can make people think of frosted steel The original Monaco watch, pay tribute to the classic.

In order to tribute to the original Monaco, the brand will move the new crown to the left. At that time, the design of this design lies in the Calibre11 automatic timing of the Calibre11 to the public.

The new Tag Heuer Monaco series titanium special edition is equipped with a delicate silver dial, which is interleaved with a titanium sheet. In the past, the Monaco series is rarely seen in the light-colored tray because its avant-garde fashion is designed. And its superior readability, with small dials, timeons, and pointers form a distinctive visual contrast.

Although the light-colored design is used, the black small dial on the disk, the bright red scale of the central pointer and 12 o’clock position is still from the classic design elements on the racing field, which can let people go to the speed of running. The time standard and small dials are covered with Super-Luminova® fluorescent coatings to ensure that they can be accurately read in any limits.

Its strap design also draws inspiration from racing sports, and the fierce black crocodile leather strap is like rubber, which can make people think of the tire trench of the car. buy fake watches

The bottom of the watch is made of back through which the movement of the movement can be clearly observed through the sapphire glass bottom cover. The Calibre11 timing movement is equipped inside the watch, pays tribute to the first automatic timing of 1969. This movement adopts Tergaiya modern pioneer skills, equipped with hollow, and meticulous Geneva, very beautiful. Its vibration frequency is 28,800 times / h. (4 Hz), which is more than 40 hours.

Nowadays, in the international measuring, the Monaco watch has been closely integrated with the car, and when the racing is mentioned, everyone thinks is Monaco. If you are more interested in the car, then you may want to play the Monaco county watch, and your handsome and hard appearance is very suitable for such limit sports. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention.