IWC new pilot series 41 mm chronograph

Green dish big line Task Improve IWC New Pilot Series 41mm Time Watches

At the “Watch and Miracle” Superior Watch Exhibition, the brands brought a lot of new products, which can also find that almost every brand has a new green plate watch, which can be seen in the trend of the green plate in today’s watch market. status. So today, I will introduce you to the new pilot series, the new pilot series, the new pilot series, the model, IW388104.

IWC has updated its Portuguese series last year. This year, Shanghai Clock and Miracle Purchase show selection as a pilot series as a main push, launched a variety of new products. This new pilot series countdown watch 41 provides four different styles, which are blue or belts with steel chains or belts, respectively.

The new pilot timing uses a fine steel production case, and the surface size is also adjacent to 41 mm from the original 43 mm to make the watch for the wearer of the thin wrist, and the overall thickness is slightly thinner than the previous style. It is more suitable for everyday. Wear. The case is modified by the process into a wire drawing effect, and the country is polished from the edge angular angle.

Table side table tops are engraved with IWC brand logo, with non-slip pothxia, benefited from a new case structure, and the waterproof performance of the watch is also increased from the original sixty m. One hundred meters. It is worth mentioning that the pressing of the two polishing timers is also better because the new movement is better than the older.

The new showcase will almost first attracted it, the green is bright, and there is a good elegant charm, but some regret is that because of the foot shooting condition factor, our real shot picture is quite compared with the real thing. When this introduces the disk, I will show it in conjunction with the official picture. The green disk is also tested, and there is different visual effects at different light irradiation angles.

The wrist table layout is still followed by this iconic cockpit design, a wide time labeled pointer, and 12 o’clock classic triangular logo. 3 o’clock shows the window of the week, the vertical sub-disk has a small change due to the movement change, and the small second hand of the 6 o’clock position is in the next 12 hour clockwise dial, and the small second needle is also used. The red dotted, forms a stark contrast with the green disk, and the 30-minute tuto is still held at 12 o’clock.

The swiss watches for men 3, 6, 9, 12 points identification and pointers are coated with luminous coatings, making the watch in the light dimming environment can also emit light blue fluorescence, clear read. The picture above shows the watch luminous effect real aspect picture.

After appreciating the front of the watch, let us take a look at the table. The biggest upgrade of this new flying spending can be said to be replaced by the self-production movement. For this reason, it has also been backed by a transparent design, through the transparent bottom cover, this kind of self-produced movement is like a hollow The wire drawing effect, and the Geneva wave on the movement, as well as the fish scale texture. This IWC will consist of a 69385 core, composed of 231 parts, and assembled with a guide post, which also uses a two-way pawl-chain system to provide operational energy for the main wire, and the upper chain efficiency is optimized. 46-hour power reserves can be available.

The table is equipped with a new steel rolling steel chain, and the table chain has a brushed section to polish, thin and delicate, and it is also in line with ergonomics, making it more comfortable. Tan Guo also offers a variety of straps, including light-color calfshels and a durable rubber strap, and this new pilot chronograph, all of which are equipped with the latest developed straps simple and quickly replace EASX-Change system, this The fast demolition system of Kobe is designed to be designed for a routine burpply. It can not complete the hand, and can complete the operation, convenient and quick demire, meet a variety of wearing needs.

Green as the most mainstream color disc around it, although each table factory is launching a green disk watch, this may make many watch friends feel a bit greasy, but they can’t deny this on the watch. Excellent expressiveness, especially luxury IWC, this new flying, also made it out in numerous green circles, plus new waterproof upgrades, replacing the self-produced movement, and the short-demolition system, these are all new flying flying Better elements, but there is also a saying that the 46-hour power reserve of the self-production movement can be better in the long.