Experience AP’s new Black Panther watch for yourself

Experience AP’s new Black Panther watch for yourself

Here it is. In the past few weeks, we have heard rumors about the mysterious collaboration between Audemars Piguet and Marvel. Watches The Internet has always been flooded with theories about watches like this. We saw some interesting speculations (even models) of Captain America or Iron Man watches. My money was spent on Thor, and my long golden hair fell from the side of the box shaped like a hammer. But we are all very wrong.

Audemars Piguet unveiled today-Royal Oak Concept Black Panther Flying Tourbillon (from Wakanda’s Vibranium-rich mine), this is the first tourbillon to continue to cooperate with Marvel (so keep the theory smooth) . The announcement was made at a star-studded event in Los Angeles hosted by Kevin Hart, which included the likes of Serena Williams and LeBron James. It even auctioned off a unique platinum black panther variant at an amazing price, 100% of which went to charity organizations to help poor young people.

From the gray, black and purple accents to the literal sculpture of the superhero of the same name on the dial, all the black panther traps are implanted in the watch. This watch is inspired by the Black Panther-it is the Black Panther.

Watches and comics are not obvious companions, but fans have amazing things in common. Both communities may be obsessed in the best and worst ways. The comic book guy on “The Simpsons” could have easily become a “Mechanical Watchman”. Today, these two worlds collide. Loyalists on both sides may ask themselves: “What is this?”

Frankly speaking, your idea of ​​AP Marvel cheap replica watches is okay, or you are not satisfied. If you are not, then nothing will change your mind-no matter how well executed. This is too bad in a way. Because this watch does perform very well.

The characters are carved into three dimensions from platinum, with shocking details. You can see his muscles, his suit style, his smooth shoulders and boots. Look again, you will keep seeing his eyeballs. That’s a student, folks.

The Associated Press’s head of complexity, Michael Friedman, told before the release: “This is indeed the make-or-break moment for the watch.” “Fans in the comics industry are so detail-oriented.”

There is no doubt that AP can make incredible Black Panther watches. The question is whether AP should. Is it weird for an August Swiss manufacturer to produce six-figure watches based on a comic book about black liberation and anti-imperialistism? I mean, yes. It’s kind of weird. However, when you understand the context, it becomes less weird.ap replica watches

First of all, this is not about using huge amounts of cash to take advantage of King T’Challa himself, Chadwick Boseman, who recently passed away unfortunately, who died of cancer last year. Watches (especially watches of this level) require years of planning and research and development. This particular watch is not even based on the 2018 “Black Panther” movie, but a comic book of the character. This watch was conceived before the movie became a landmark cultural event, and the global box office reached 1.3 billion US dollars. .

Second, watches have a long tradition of celebrating animated characters. The Associated Press said it was inspired by the classic Mickey Mouse watch design-his arm represents the hours and minutes, and the hands represent the time. In the 1980s, Gerald Genta (famous design AP Royal Oak) was inspired by young people to make his own Mickey watch. For today’s buyers, Marvel comics (and Marvel movies) are the iconic representatives of M-I-C-K-E-Y to the previous generation of products.

If you plan to make a modern example of a character watch and want to enhance the art form, then the AP Royal Oak Concept series is the ideal canvas. The outline of the watch starts with platinum on the CNC machine. It is then laser engraved to show texture and patterns, and then hand engraved to show the character’s paws, eyes, facial features and rippling muscles. (It takes four engravers and four painters to make all 250 watches.) Finally, it is hand-painted, which is the reason for the intensity in the eyes.

Friedman said: “It is a real challenge to make a still life feel moving.” “We are talking about sculpture-miniature sculpture.”

The finished product is much more complicated than paying tribute to the Panthers. The Associated Press could have made a top luxury replica watches with the color of the character and named it “One Day”. Instead, the brand continued all the hard work described above-and created a new 42mm case. You don’t have to like comic books to appreciate the superb craftsmanship, and on many levels, this is what this watch represents.

The purple rubber strap plays a good role on the slanted purple inner bezel. The case is not made of Vibranium (not many chances if you want to ask), but it is made of another kind of titanium. It is sandblasted with satin-brushed titanium inserts. The dial is hollowed out and decorated with cracked finishes, further highlighting the Black Panther pattern. There are sports board finishes on the front and back. The watch uses a manually wound 2965 movement and AP’s latest generation flying tourbillon made in 2018. The fascinating thing is that although the position between the panther’s legs will definitely attract people’s attention. You have to put the tourbillon somewhere, but wow.

When “Black Panther” debuted in Fantastic Four #52, I doubted whether Stan Lee or Jack Kirby (Marvel’s OG) ever thought that their characters would appear here. Again, you can say the same thing to Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet, who certainly did not see this when they started working in 1875. Isn’t it refreshing to see that both manga and watches have reached their limits? The only way forward is through experimentation. In addition, watches and comics are our pursuit of pure escapism. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the comic sheet ignores this.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Black Panther Flying Tourbillon. 42mm sandblasted titanium case with brushed titanium inserts. Black ceramic bezel and crown, sapphire crystal and back cover, water resistance to 50m. The dial has hand-painted white gold 3D Panther characters, white gold hour markers with black PVD coating, purple inner ring, and white gold Royal Oak hands with luminous coating. Hand-wound calibre 2965 with a frequency of 3 Hz and a power reserve of 72 hours. Flying tourbillon, hour and minute hands.