A. Lange & Söhne mixture A Honeygold case and cavity dial into the latest ZEITWERK release

The triple threat version of A. Lange & Söhne contains three of the company’s most outstanding elements.

Twenty-seven years ago, the defunct German watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne was reborn. So on the anniversary, the brand revealed-surprise! – New watch. For those of us who are obsessed with Teutonic craftsmanship, this is a dream come true.

A. Lange & Söhne adopted its famous digital watch Zeitwerk, decorated it with the company’s proprietary gold alloy Honeygold, and then took off the dial in the fashion style of its exclusive Lumen series. These are the three most unique attributes of the company, all mixed in one watch. The only thing missing is the more unique Handwerkskunst decoration.

In short, all the “lumens” indications of A. Lange & Söhne use the translucent dial developed by Lange, allowing the luminous beating digital display to be fully visible at all times. This is pretty cool. So interesting. Most importantly, this is an out-of-the-box method for one of the largest players in the industry. It is hard to imagine that many other high-end brands would do such a thing.

In addition to replica A. Lange & Söhne‘s youngest series, Odysseus, Zeitwerk is the smallest series in the company today. A quick glance at the brand’s website will reveal that there are only 10 different Zeitwerk options to choose from. It is also one of the company’s most controversial watches. Double-jump hour and minute display in a single watch? That will make people talk.

I remember in a recent conversation with Anthony de Haas, technical director of A. Lange & Söhne, he said that company executives felt anxious before Zeitwerk debuted in 2009. They have no idea how consumers will react. Fortunately, luck favors brave people. The example of Zeitwerk is very popular and precious today, and the few limited editions of Glashütte were quickly sold out.

I hope today’s version will be more similar. With honey gold case and lumen dial, what is not worth loving?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the cherry above. Zeitwerk Honeygold “Lumen” also uses a new in-house movement, which can increase the power reserve to 72 hours.

If you read my “Wrist Week” with Rattrapante Honeygold in the summer, you would guess that I really like this watch. Zeitwerk has always attracted me because of its uncoordinated personality. Using the Lumen dial format does not prevent this.

Ignoring all the aesthetic features of the watch, I am also very interested in the new movement. Described as the second-generation movement of the Zeitwerk series, this trend began with the release of the Zeitwerk Date in 2019. The new movement L043.9 has twice the power reserve of the previous generation and is provided by a pair of controlled main barrels. Constant force escapement patented by the company.

The new button at four o’clock on the case allows you to separate the hour display from the minute. I am interested in how this affects the wearing experience (if any) and its general usability. My guess is that it won’t hurt. Because the resurrected Lange thought about everything.

Basic knowledge
Brand: A. Lange & Söhne
Model: Zeitwerk Honeygold Lumen
Reference number: 142.055
Diameter: 41.9mm
Thickness: 12.6mm
Material: Honeygold
Lume: Yes
Strap/Bracelet: Brown leather with honey gold buckle

Movement: L043.9
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve
Diameter: 12.6 mm
Thickness: 9.2 mm
Power reserve: 72 hours on the chain
: Manual
Frequency: 18,000 vph
Gems: 61
Additional details: precise adjustment of five positions; three-quarter plates made of untreated German silver; hand-engraved balance wheel and escapement wheel bridge; minute jumps with constant power escapement