Jacob and Co. The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone

Inspired by Family Heirlooms
This is the watch story where it all started. This fashion watch opened the world and the world of watchmaking to Jacob Arabo.

The World Is Yours Dual Time is a tribute to the Arabov family heirloom, inspired by the Wakmann Dual Time, which Jacob Arabov acquired from his father, Nison Arabov, at the age of 13. ) inherited the painting.

This watch was so special to him that he longed and determined to one day create his own. This is the original spark that inspires every Jacob & Co. watch that remains in the family today, waiting to be passed on to the next generation. While it waited, it became inspiration The world is your dual time zone.

family heritage
Neeson Arapoff’s gift to his son is a symbol, a reminder that the world is an open possibility that can be reached and conquered.

So when Jacob Arapov received it, he decided that one day he would make a watch, his own. There is always an element of intimacy in Jacob & Co.’s creations. Design never comes out of thin air. It stems from a story, one that for Jacob Arapov was always about passion.

Whatever he does, he does exactly what he does. Whatever he designs, he designs with all his heart. In this respect, The World Is Your Dual Time Zone is the most authentic creation he has ever made. It comes from within.

In a touching gesture of respect, gratitude, love and care, Jacob and Benjamin Alaboff decided that this new series would be titled The World Is Yours, in tribute to Mr. Neeson Alaboff, who gave the true North in their lives. The true north “World Is Yours Dual Time” watch is presented in the shape of a wind rose, which acts as the small seconds hand. The master craftsman dial is a highly domed brass plate. The outlines of the continents are laser-engraved with high precision.

Their surfaces are stamped using special high-precision dies. All three sub-dials are engraved on the dial. The entire piece is then galvanized and overlaid with rose gold.

The ocean is painted blue and its operation is very detailed and completely handmade. Finally, the minute track with Roman and Arabic numerals is affixed to the blue lacquered surface with a gold stamp. After finishing touches, “The World Is Your Dual Time Zone” becomes a profound technical, aesthetic and emotional creation.

Jacob Arapov, 13, with his father. Significant exchanges Imagine the scenario. The place is Tachkent in Uzbekistan, then a republic in the Soviet Union and the birthplace of the Alabov family.

Inside the room were 13-year-old Jacob Arabov and his father, Nison Arabov. There is an exchange between them. from one hand to Plus, a watch was given along with strong emotion. A watch that is passed down from father to son holds unique importance. They are not just an object, they are symbols of things that are really being conveyed: values, love, wisdom, blessings and the pressure to succeed.

This particular timepiece bears the once famous Wakmann brand name and it continues to inspire every watch Jacob & Co. produces. Powered by orbit, The World Is Yours Dual Time is the first watch in the new The World Is Yours collection.

It is powered by a new exclusive Jacob & Co. movement. It indicates two time zones, including hours and minutes, with small seconds aligned vertically on either side. Each time zone can be set at will using the crown, accurate to the minute. This feature is very rare, but in Jacob’s company point of view. This is one of the only ways countries with unusual UTC time offsets can display local time alongside other times.

Its small seconds hand is rose-coloured and has four main arms, one of which is painted red as a pointer. It symbolizes a person’s need for a compass to navigate the world. It helps us find our way, just like M provides a moral compass.

Neeson Arapoff. Everything Is Curved The World Is Yours Dual Time is housed in a 43 mm rose gold case with all parts curved. Its bezel is stepped, round and very thin in order to provide the largest possible dial. Next is a large, highly domed sapphire crystal. This is a necessary feature because the dial itself is curved, like the globe it represents. The height difference in its lower part is an astonishing 3.7 mm at its highest point. As a result, the hand is also bent. The crown is short and integrated into the case. Contoured, rounded, polished and discreet. best swiss watch

Audemars Piguet 2021 new product release

Audemars Piguet 2021: Code 11.59
Summarized in one sentence: the victory of “dual tone”.

In [Reply] Master 01 (you can read this article), this trend started and has continued through code 11.59: more colors in the same case. result? Find!

Therefore, we have launched two new products in the Code 11.59 series, which are undoubtedly the most controversial series in the brand’s history. The pink gold and white gold cases (emphasizing the Associated Press’s intention to use only precious metals) are now combined with black ceramic.

As always, this internal automatic flyback chronograph has a lot of detail. Very worth mentioning is the dial: look at the smoky effect and how it matches the light, especially in the middle. Speaking of the middle, the middle part or layer of the box is a good supplement. The idea of ​​contrasting the octagonal part of the case with the rest further highlights the fusion of the shapes that make this watch.

The most important thing is: a perfect strap that makes this watch truly aggressive and distinctive. Associated Press, as always.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Royal Oak Offshore Diver
New movement, new strap… new watch! This Diver is the same, gool ol’ Offshore, but has a new identity. This watch is available in three colors (khaki, gray and blue), with a new aesthetic, but most importantly, it has new features.

In addition to the internal movement, this time, we turn our attention to the strap: Audemars Piguet developed a system on this watch for the first time, allowing you to change the strap and buckle completely autonomously.

They also changed the movement and adjusted different aesthetic elements, which makes Offshore even more desirable.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph
The good news: the new Offshore Chronograph has a diameter of 43 mm-slightly smaller than the previous one-which is what many people have been wanting now.

We found five very versatile colors, with new ergonomic design and two important details. The first is the 4401 self-made movement: this is a very technologically advanced movement, and we are very happy to see it being included in various AP series.

The second innovation, quick release, really tempered the Diver soul of this watch. I tried it myself and I can tell you that it is really comfortable and well done, but first of all it is easy to use.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Flying Tourbillon Flyback Chronograph
Although it looks similar, this is not a concept, believe it or not. Through this piece, Audemars Piguet reconciled two complications that I like to see together: chronograph (flyback) and tourbillon.

The size is 43 mm. In short, it looks great and I can’t emphasize how much I want to try this! As far as I am concerned, this is probably the best work in the Offshore series. However, like many things in life, it may not be for everyone.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Royal Oak Automatic Chronograph
The protagonist here is Cal again. 4401 powers this watch… it’s time!

In addition to quality and structure, the beauty of this movement lies in its Flyback complication, which allows you to restart the chronograph without pressing the reset button or stopping the timing.

The focus of this edition is the 41mm size, full rose gold construction, the new blue and brown Grande Tapisserie dial, and-obviously-the matching bracelet and strap. In fact, I would even say that these straps can make this watch sit at home in formal occasions!

Although I am not a big fan of the sapphire caseback (and hate the date window on the chronograph), I am very satisfied with the overall release of this time.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Royal Oak “Jumbo” with factory diamond inlays
You may already know it, but diamonds are something I like…

Now, they also seem to be AP things, because we have 3 new versions. Choosing the Jumbo case (39 mm) is perfect: in my opinion, both men and women of this size can wear it comfortably!

The dial and hour markers are beautifully hue…Although I don’t like cases and bracelets with brilliant-cut diamonds, this watch will surely humiliate broken pieces…that is, if you think about it.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Green, the color of hope…
You have done this and we know that this is what you clicked on… So here we are: the new green AP Royal Oak and all its flavors!

The five variants that may be sold out in a few seconds used to be and are everything we didn’t know we wanted.

Audemars Piguet 2021: The Green Royal Oak “Jumbo”
This is the most beautiful 15202 I have seen so far. Much better than blue…
Of course, it is not steel, but platinum: a metal that is more suitable for Audemars Piguet brands. But while it may be great, the platinum structure is not the reason you are here.
That beautiful green dial is really good, isn’t it? Smoky, sunny, minimal, classic…

replica watches usa

I’m sure I am not the only one who said this is my favorite version so far!

It is not a limited edition, but there are rumors that the production will be very scarce. In addition, they are only available through AP House (AP “houses” around the world, one of which is in Milan), and all of them have been…

Do I dream of seeing one on my wrist? Yes.
Would I like it more than any other watch in the catalog? Too.
Will I wear one in the near future or even the distant future? I certainly hope so.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Green Royal Oak Flyback Chronograph
This is a limited edition gold watch with a stunning green dial and classic Grande Tapisserie plaid texture. Different from the previous models, in this iteration, we used the 2385 movement, which is a “plain and simple” movement without a flyback function.

Hey, you can’t have everything, can you? In addition, the green made up for the absence of the flyback.

I would love to see what the leather strap can add to this watch. Although I think it is not as eye-catching as the Jumbo, it is still a great timepiece.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Green Royal Oak Flying Tourbillon
All three variants of this flying tourbillon have a 41mm case and textbook Tapisserie dial, yes, you guessed it, green!

Let you guess which one I like best.

Making everything in a limited edition is an interesting choice, but still understandable. The titanium version is indeed unorthodox to some extent, but I think it was done deliberately. I think AP is making bold predictions about the next most popular material after steel.

If it weren’t for the 41mm case, I might prefer them to Jumbo.

Audemars Piguet 2021: Cooperation with Marvel
More details are coming soon, but it has been confirmed that Audemars Piguet will cooperate with Marvel to produce some watches inspired by comics and movie characters. The press release also talked about timepieces inspired by Gerald Genta’s old works, which feature characters.

When more news emerges, we will strive to stay ahead. I personally can’t wait!