Patek Philippe 5167 Aquanaut Review – The Poor Man’s Patek Philippe Watch

For many, Patek Philippe copy represents the pinnacle of Swiss luxury watches. Since the company’s founding in 1852, the Swiss ultra-luxury watchmaker has been responsible for creating some of the finest and most complicated mechanical watches in the world.

Unfortunately, ultra-luxury and sky-high prices go hand in hand – so most high-end watch collectors will probably never live within 10 feet of a Patek Philippe. But all is not lost!

As watch expert Eric Rivera demonstrates in his latest video review, the price of the Patek Philippe 5167 Aquanaut makes the brand accessible to many cheap mens watches lovers. Although “poor man” and “Patek Philippe” rarely appear in the same sentence, the Aquanaut 5167A is an excellent and affordable way to break the ice in the Patek Philippe universe.

Please don’t misunderstand the “poor man’s” part of the title above. The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is not an inferior watch by any means. It still outperforms many watch models from other luxury brands. It’s just a great entry-level Patek timepiece for collectors who might want to dabble in the brand.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167 – Specifications and General Information
In his video Eric provides a great deal of information on the design of the Patek 5167A. He explained that the 5167A self-winding watch is made of stainless steel, with a 40mm case and a transparent sapphire crystal case back, which allows you to peek into the watch’s amazing movement.

This timepiece is fitted with a black rubber strap and deployant clasp. With a relatively understated case, the 5167 Aquanaut is a very comfortable everyday casual replica wholesale watch. As Eric explained…

NATO and Calf Strap – Enhances the coolness of the Patek 5167A
The strap of the Patek 5167A is Eric’s only complaint. He mentioned…

“I really don’t like the strap on this watch, just because I don’t like a watch with the strap snug to the case like this one.”
To avoid this disadvantage and make the watch look cooler, Eric recommends using the NATO strap that he shows in the video.

Even though the Patek Aquanaut 5167 is more of a “jeans and t-shirt type watch,” changing the strap is a great way to spruce up your watch. He said…

Therefore, pairing the 5167 Patek with a beautiful calfskin strap will surely make this watch an even more versatile addition to a man’s wardrobe.

As such, the sophisticated look of the 5167 may not suit men who like to make their wrists stand out with gold and diamonds at parties. It’s more for watch lovers who don’t care what the world thinks – they’re just content with the sophisticated layers and depth of luxury on their wrist.

“It’s something unusual, refined, something out of the ordinary. It’s a watch man’s watch.”