Waterproof, anti-magnetic and shock-resistant, these watches can be used in the world

Since the development of the replica swiss watches, in addition to the continuous changes in the appearance design, the enhancement of various performances is also one of the development directions. In some environments, solid and reliable quality is arguably more important than “surface work”. Nowadays, people like to use the concept of “three defenses” to measure certain products. For mechanical watches, “three defenses” are waterproof, antimagnetic, and shockproof. Today let’s take a look at those watches that are strong in their respective fields.

water proof

Water can be seen everywhere in our daily life, whether it is washing hands, brushing teeth, accidentally drowning in the rain, or even accidentally knocked over coffee, there is a high probability that the watch will come into contact with water, so the main waterproof function is. Diving watches are also one of the most popular watches of the moment. Many current dive watches have reached considerable diving depths and are moving towards higher standards.

When it comes to Rolex diving watches, the first thing that comes to mind may be the Submariner. Although it is famous, it is not the most outstanding in terms of water resistance. Among the many series of Rolex watches, the deep-dive Ref.126660, commonly known as the “ghost king”, has an astonishingly high waterproof depth of 3,900 meters. Thanks to the patented Ringlock system case structure developed by Rolex, it can withstand 3,900 The pressure of the water depth is equivalent to 3 tons, and its waterproof level is more than ten times that of the Submariner.

When it comes to diving watches, the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms must have a place. Once Blancpain and Rolex fought over who is the “world’s first diving watch”, although Blancpain’s influence in the field of diving watches is not as good as that of Rolex, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms still occupies a very important position. status. Released in 2013, the 50021 is waterproof to a depth of 1,000 meters and has a GMT dual time zone function. Today, it is still the overlord of the GMT dual time zone diving watch.


Subject to the material, mechanical watches always have an inescapable natural enemy: the magnetic field. The magnetic mechanical watch will have a time error in light, or even stop in severe cases, which will seriously affect the use experience. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, there are more and more electronic products around people. Especially in the past two years, the popularity of wireless charging function has made mechanical watches more exposed to magnetism in daily life.

In fact, as early as the last century, there were many watches with anti-magnetic functions. For example, the Milguss watch launched by Rolex in 1954 can resist the interference of magnetic fields of 1000 gauss intensity, and the modern version of the series “green glass” Ref.116400GV released in 2007 is particularly impressive. It has an anti-magnetic soft iron cover, and its thickness is much larger than other series, so it also has the nickname of “professional small steel gun”. As one of Rolex’s early “roasted seeds and nuts”, the price of green glass was once high, but now it has long faded from its former glory.

Rolex “Airmaster” Ref.116900 can be said to be the successor of green glass, not only the diameter and thickness of the watch are the same, but even the movement is equipped with the same Cal.3131 self-winding movement. This movement is upgraded based on Cal.3130. In addition to using the Paraflex shock absorber, it is also equipped with a blue hairspring, a Glucydur balance wheel, and a paramagnetic escapement made of amorphous nickel phosphide, which greatly improves the antimagnetic performance. In addition, Rolex’s iconic Oyster case and screw-in double-buckle lock make the “Airmaster” excellent waterproof. Although the “Airmaster” is positioned as an aviation watch, its waterproof performance is still far from that of a professional diving watch, but it is still able to cope with the usage scenarios in daily life, and its overall performance is not bad.

After cheap Rolex, let’s take a look at the performance of rival Omega. The hippocampus series watch is dubbed “Bumblebee” by players because of its black and yellow dial design. This watch, released in 2013, has an antimagnetic ability of 15,000 gauss, which also refreshes the record for antimagnetic performance of a watch. In addition to using non-magnetic materials such as silicon hairspring to make the movement, the “Bumblebee” also added a unique titanium alloy balance shaft, which makes the movement’s anti-magnetic performance even better.

And another hippocampus ocean universe 600 meters series commonly known as “quarter orange”, thanks to the use of three new technologies of coaxial escapement, silicon hairspring, and insulating material, Omega Cal.8900 The movement, the anti-magnetic ability reaches more than 15000 gauss. In addition to having the same outstanding anti-magnetic performance, it can also achieve a waterproof depth of 600 meters, and “going to the sky” is naturally no problem.

In addition to working hard on the case, changing the material of the movement can also improve the anti-magnetic performance. The most obvious change is to replace the silicon hairspring. Represented by Swatch Group’s Powermatic 80 and Caliber 80 movements, new products from Tissot, Mido, Certina and other brands have been replaced with silicon hairspring long-powered movements with better anti-magnetic properties.


Although there are enough watches in the field of waterproof and anti-magnetic, shock resistance is still the weakest part of mechanical fake watches for sale. In fact, the research and development of anti-shock in watches and clocks is much earlier than waterproof and anti-magnetic. As early as the end of the 18th century, Mr. Breguet developed a shock absorber called “PARE-CHUTE”, which was the earliest shock absorber device for watches. Its design ideas have far-reaching influence on later generations.

To this day, the brand has also worked hard on shock absorbers to improve the shock resistance of watches. In 2005, Rolex introduced the Paraflex shock absorber, which increased the shock resistance by 50% according to the brand information. In 2006, Breguet’s new-generation 777Q movement was the first to use Nivachoc shock absorbers. As a brand of the same group, it has been gradually promoted to Longines, Radar, Omega and other movements. It is believed that in the future, waterproof, anti-magnetic, and shock-proof will become the standard for more and more watches.