Richard Mille RM 35-03 Rafael Nadal and the new butterfly effect rotor

Inspired by the RM 027 tourbillon watch worn by Rafa Nadal on the tennis court, the new Richard Mille RM 035 “Baby Nadal” series is designed to provide technical enrichment for anyone who pursues performance. The new RM 35-03 self-winding Rafael Nadal watch is the fourth timepiece in the series. It occupies a place in this noble product series. It brings a patented innovation, the butterfly rotor.

After three full years of research and development, Richard Mille launched this new movement winding system in RM 35-03, which spreads its wings like a butterfly. Although the Calibre RMAL1 of RM 35-02 already has a variable geometry rotor-the iconic part of the Richard Mille automatic movement-the new butterfly rotor of RM 35-03 allows the wearer to directly interact with the geometry of the rotor and control The winding speed of the movement based on lifestyle and activity level achieves interesting and practical complications in the same way.

The butterfly rotor is composed of two 5-level titanium alloy arms. Heavy metal counterweight sections are installed on the arms, which are activated by a separate gear train via a dedicated button. In their initial position, the counterweights will produce an outward radial displacement of the center of gravity, transforming every movement of the wearer into the torque required to rewind the barrel.

When switching between modes-from the normal mode of winding the barrel spring to the “sports mode” of suspending rotor activity-the pressure on the button prompts the function to provide tactile feedback, allowing the wearer to really feel the bounce of the weight segment on them Separate the wrists. The winding indicator at 6 o’clock on the dial shows whether the pendulum is active-on or off. The rounded movement command is a function selector. Rafa Nadal replica watch

Press the button at 2 o’clock, and the user can switch between winding “W”, neutral “N” and time setting “H” activities. However, by pressing the button at the 7 o’clock position, the gear of the rotor disperses the two counterweights at a 180° angle. The center of gravity is aligned, the oscillating weight returns to the equilibrium position, and the winding process is suspended, thereby preventing the movement from overwinding.

“Previously, any modification to the rotor geometry needed to be done by one of our licensed watchmakers. We want to perfect the system so that the wearer can directly affect the winding speed of the watch. It’s like the driver can activate The sport mode is used to adjust the transmission method from urban use to the track,” explained Salvador Arbona, Sports Technology Director.

The RM 35-03 series is elegant and ergonomic. There are two versions-blue quartz TPT with white quartz TPT case, white quartz TPT and carbon fiber TPT with carbon fiber TPT case.

The movement is completely hollow, and the front and back are inlaid with sapphire crystals. The movement can be admired from both sides. The bottom plate and plywood are made of grade 5 titanium and are treated with gray plasma and PVD ​​to further highlight the eye-catching visual effect of this watch.

“In our respective fields, we all strive for excellence. We speak the same language, Richard and I. We are all passionate about our work. Keeping this flame of passion for what we do every day comes to me It’s very important to say. Although I didn’t wear the RM 035 model in the competition, it was heartwarming to feel the confidence he and the team showed in allowing me to participate in this bizarre adventure.”-Rafa· Nadal.

Chopard LUC

2005: Chopard LUC Lunar One, the first modern perpetual calendar watch with orbital moon phase

Matching legibility with design is often one of the great challenges faced by watch designers when using precious perpetual calendar complications. After all, it is a good line to fit the day, date, month, and leap year in a dial with a diameter of more than 40 mm while maintaining the internal code of the design.

Chopard first experienced perpetual calendars in the 80s and 90s, when it first started to develop its own perp cals. The earliest example of its full calendar watch is the Luna d’Oro series, which is a complete calendar with moon phase display, date and month windows, and date hands. What’s interesting is the brand’s experiment in case materials: bimetallic titanium and gold models are some of the references created.

Chopard replica and Sven Andersen
Independent watchmaker Svend Andersen is known for his creation of the Perpetual Secular Calendar, which is accurate to 400 years. what does this mean? Most perpetual calendar watches are accurate to the year 2100. In fact, this is not a leap year because it is a century-old year that is not divisible by 400. Andersen’s perpetual calendar is accurate to 2400 years.

However, in the 1990s, Andersen hoped to industrialize another perpetual calendar, the retrograde date perpetual calendar. The date display on the retrograde display will jump back to “1” when it reaches the end of the month, whether it is the 28th, 29th, 30th, or 31st. Really impressive design.

Chopard obtained the rights to Andersen’s design and developed it with Frederic Piguet’s basic movement and adjusted it according to its standards. This became Luna d’Oro, a special edition with a golden moon and a limited series. Released gold and platinum versions of watches. Other variants of Luna d’Oro also introduced a 48-month leap year indicator.

Chopard goes further on the road of complex timepieces. Refer to 36-1224. This is a chronograph and perpetual calendar driven by Jaeger-LeCoultre 889/1 movement, with overlapping indicators. Although the dial is complex, it can still Keep it clear and easy to read. After all, if you can’t decipher them, what is the point of wearing all these instruments on your wrist?

All these developments led Chopard to launch its own LUC 96 QP perpetual calendar movement in 2005, which is based on the brand’s 1.96 automatic base movement. A large date window, together with a date and month counter, make the watch very easy to read. What’s more noteworthy is that the calendar operation is an instantaneous jump display. The day and night indicator and the orbital moon phase display make the watch more interesting. You can choose the northern or southern hemisphere constellation on the moon phase.

The 2012 version of Lunar One introduced new improvements. The LUC 96.13-L automatic movement has the Geneva Seal and COSC certification, a 70-hour power reserve, a moon phase display accurate to one day in 122 years, and an instantaneous calendar display. There are many styles of this watch, including gem-set styles.

However, the most surprising release of the Chopard perpetual calendar may be in 2016, the last leap year, when the brand launched the steel watch LUC Perpetual Twin with a 43 mm stainless steel watch and double hair Bar box (hence the name)) and provides a 65-hour power reserve.

In the same year, the brand also released the LUC Perpetual Chrono, which combines two of the most popular complications in the industry-a vertically coupled flyback chronograph and a perpetual calendar, and a Fairmined gold case equipped with a manual winding movement, LUC 03- 10-L. This dual-certified movement uses a familiar dial design, with the chronograph disc stacked on the display of the perpetual calendar to ensure clarity and legibility.

Recently, the 2017 version of the Lunar One platinum watch has a dark blue sunray finish, which adds beauty to the watch. This is an eye-catching timepiece, and is still a rare industry standard because it is self-winding and has an chronometer and Geneva seal certification.

It has been several years since we saw Chopard’s perpetual calendar, although other models of the brand have added complications. However, for perpetual calendar lovers, Lunar One is a model worth admiring, especially considering that the brand has not only kept the name of the Discount watch unchanged, but its design and style have been steadily evolving over the years.