Face VS Miniature The small and exquisite moon phase has so many manifestations

The moon phase function can more accurately reflect the shape of the moon at the beginning or end of a cycle (29.5 days). This function is not only quite practical, but also beautiful and atmospheric, and is especially popular with formal watches. We know that the elements of formal watches are often monotonous, and it is difficult to find new breakthroughs in dial design. The distinctive moon phase shape is just another “careful” place for the brand to display its unique design. In addition to the ordinary “glossy” moon phases, the more common ones are the moon phases of the human face and the miniature moon. Let’s take a look today.

The moon phase of the human face has now become one of Blancpain’s characteristics, and the expressions vary with different styles. It can be said to be a walking emoticon pack. Among them, the squint face of the moon phase expression is very funny, and the corner of the mouth seems to have a “mysterious smile”, which is similar to the more popular “dog head” expression today.

In the VILLERET series of women’s watches, she appeared in another image: slender eyelashes, shy and shy expression, and the “beauty mole” hanging slightly on the lips. This detail comes from the famous Hollywood movie star Mary. The image of Lotus Monroe.

Jaquet Droz Moon Phase Large Seconds Watch

Another representative brand of the face moon phase is Breguet. As one of the earlier brands that used this design, it was in the No.5 pocket watch made by the founder of the brand, Mr. Abraham Louis Breguet, in 1794. The face moon phase is already used. As a succession to the classic, we can still find its traces in modern Breguet watches.

If Blancpain’s face is witty and lively, then Breguet’s face is a bit solemn. The lines between the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose, the thick upper lip and the “expression lines” on the cheeks all reveal a touch of vicissitudes, more like the image of the moon god in myths.

Breguet 7787 series watch

In addition to the artistic expression of the moon phase of the face, there are also brands that adhere to the “realistic” style. The moon of the Jaquet Droz moon phase big second hand is made of platinum. The surface is rich in details when observed through a magnifying glass. The undulating craters are finely carved. The miniature moon model condensed in the wrist is full of viewing and playability. There is a way to hold the moon in your hand. Phantom.

Omega Professional Moonwatch Series Watch

In addition, another moon phase watch full of realistic style is the Omega Speedmaster. Compared with the three-dimensional moon of Jaquet Droz, the Omega Speedmaster uses a flat surface to simulate the three-dimensional light and shadow effect of the crater with the color depth, and it is also in the stars. A halo effect is added, just like what you see with your own eyes through an astronomical telescope.

The two moon phases expressed in different artistic styles both contain superb skills and the brand’s unique watchmaking philosophy. You appreciate that style more, please leave a message in the comment area to exchange your views. nice watches

Jacob & Co. Astronomy and Art Three Wise Monkeys + Temple

When the Astronomical Tourbillon came out in 2014, the reinvention of the tourbillon in the vertical direction and the continuous rotation of its four satellites attracted most attention

However, what contributed to the development of the astronomical art collection was the incredible sapphire crystal and precious metal case that allowed all items to be displayed. Therefore, the idea is to use the large sapphire crystal case as a gallery to develop special artwork to be placed inside the astronomical tourbillon while still displaying the incredible astronomical tourbillon movement. The brand starts with dragon, octopus, spider, horse and so on. Since then, Jacob & Co. has achieved incredible success, expanding the astronomy tourbillon art collection every year.

Fine watchmaking serves high art
The three monkeys who don’t see evil, don’t listen to evil, and don’t talk about evil have been a century of world culture. Now, replica Jacob & Co. immortalizes these sculptures in the new “Three Monkeys of Astronomy”. Inspired by Japanese philosophy, the hand-carved 18K rose gold sculpture depicts Mizaru, who covers his eyes but cannot see evil. The deaf ghost ghost pill. Yanzhelu covered his mouth and said no evil. The three wise monkeys illustrate the idea of ​​protecting themselves from all forms of evil. The symbolic power behind the three monkeys is so powerful that it has become a guiding force for many people that the Indian activist and politician Mahatma Gandhi’s notable exception to life without property is the statuette of the three wise monkeys. . The most skilled craftsmen in the watch industry have created monkey statues, each of which is meticulously carved from 18K rose gold nuggets. This work is laborious and requires a lot of man-hours, but the result is both symbolic and practical.

The tourbillon is considered the ultimate complication because it can rotate and rotate to counteract the influence of gravity on the accuracy of the movement. For the Astronomia series, Jacob & Co. took the tourbillon one step forward, introducing other axes of tourbillon rotation. For this art of astronomy, the tourbillon is biaxial-rotating along two axes: one in 60 seconds and the second in 2.5 minutes. These sculptures prevent the movement from patrolling the dial normally.

Tanglin basic dial
The basic dial of the three monkeys of astronomy is made of pure Tanglin, and the beautiful glass looks like a starry sky.

From start to finish, customization and customization work has always been the basis of Jacob & Co.. The brand has created many astronomical artworks, including dragons, spiders, octopus, horses, tigers, world cities and so on. Visit any Jacob & Co. sales point or contact the brand directly for consultation. The collection of astronomical art has become the icon of the brand, and collectors hope that Jacob & Co. will see the next development. The art of astronomy demonstrates Jacob’s commitment to using traditional art in a modern way.

Jacob Chet Diamond
Since its establishment in 1986, Jacob & Co. has been at the forefront of using gemstones and has developed many special cutting and setting techniques. For the astronomical tourbillon, the brand developed 288 faceted Jacob cut diamonds. This particular cut can only be done by a few gem cutters, and rough stones usually start with twice the size of a finished diamond. The facets must be extremely precise, so the diamond must be perfectly symmetrical and rounded. In the art of astronomy, a one-carat Jacobs cut diamond rotates automatically in 30 seconds. jacob & co astronomia zodiac at100.40.ac.ab.b

Magnesium Globe
The globe is made of blue-painted magnesium to ensure weight consistency, because all four satellites must have exactly the same weight. The earth rotates in 30 seconds.

Case and crystal
The astronomical art case has a diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 25 mm, between the highest point of its specially curved front sapphire crystal and the lowest point of the case. The case is made of 18K white gold, with four sapphire crystal glass windows installed on the periphery, allowing unobstructed viewing of the magnificent movement and internal artwork.

Dial and hands
The Roman numerals on the hollow dial are hand-engraved and painted with black varnish, while the hand-made hands are dark blue metallic. fake luxury watches