New Richard Mille RM 40-01 McLaren

Eye Candy: RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail equipped with CRMT4 movement Richard Mille RM 40-01 at a price of millions of dollars

The brand new Richard Mille RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail was released yesterday, which is the assembly process of its impressive caliber CRMT4. The movement is a self-winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes, variable geometry rotor, oversized date, power reserve indicator and function selector. The new automatic movement architecture requires a staggering 8,600 hours of development time, most of which is used to finalize the extremely high level of detail. Grade 5 titanium has been used for key components such as bridges, bridge screws, base plates and rotor cores.

The CRMT4 movement introduces a power reserve display and a large date and function selector function, all of which are hot Richard Mille‘s first innovations on the internal tourbillon. The wheels are machined with the McLaren logo decorated with the Speedtail hood, while the arched parts have new surface contours that are necessary to translate the curve of the car. The movement measures 30.48 mm x 35.35 mm x 6.81 mm, includes 37 jewels, and is equipped with a free spring balance wheel with variable inertia. This balance wheel represents the ultimate goal of innovation. It guarantees higher reliability when subjected to shocks and during assembly or disassembly of the movement. Therefore, as time goes by, the timing is better. The regulator index is eliminated, and because of the four small adjustable weights directly on the balance, more accurate and repeatable calibrations can be performed.

The casing ring is no longer used, and the movement is installed on the chassis mounting rubber (ISO SW) fixed by titanium screws. The variable geometry rotor is the symbol of Richard Mille timepieces. It has a platinum oscillating weight with a core made of grade 5 titanium and a center of gravity made of red gold. The platinum and red gold winding rotors are inspired by the hood of McLaren Speedtail, while the top cover of the roof is the setting of the barrel. The guide rail is black PVD treated metal, with ceramic ball bearings, and has a Oneway automatic winding device.

Through this variable geometry rotor, the clockwork function can be adjusted to the owner’s activity level. Adjust the weight, slide it sideways to the correct position, and fix it in place with two spline screws to change the setting. When the weight is close to the outer edge, the inertia of the movement is best, so the barrel retreats faster. If the weight is placed in the center of the rotor, the inertia will decrease and the winding speed of the barrel will be slower.

Richard Mile RM 40-01 automatic tourbillon McLaren Speedtail can be summarized into five developed prototypes, 8,600 hours of development of the movement structure, 672 components, 5000 g shock absorption test and 18 months of development of the new case shape . Every component of the movement is exquisitely crafted, including hand-polished patterns, hand-polished bevels, micro-jet milling cut surfaces, micro-jet water tanks, PVD treatment of bridges, and plasma treatment of the bottom plate.

The whole operation process of the Wholesale Fake watches is the main power transmitter of the whole movement, and its gear teeth adopt a special contour to ensure a pressure angle of 20 degrees. This system eliminates possible differences between the centers of each wheel caused by thermal changes and normal use, and promotes the smooth transmission of torque to the balance wheel, thereby supporting excellent timing results. In addition, the use of grade 5 titanium spline screws on the bridge and housing can better control the torque applied to the screws during the assembly process. These screws are not affected by physical operations during assembly or disassembly and are well aged.

Zenith Chronomaster Sport Review

Zenith Chronomaster Sport Review: Don’t judge a book by its cover…

Zenith recently released the latest development of its chronograph series, which can be said to have caused quite a stir. People mainly have opinions on its appearance, because it was quickly compared with some popular chronograph, which caused controversy on the Internet.

Are these comparative comments correct? Is there nothing more than the visual similarity between this watch and the competition? Or, is there anything farther than the gaze?

The history of El Primero has evolved over time
When you consider Zenith’s contribution to the industry, Zenith is often ignored and ignored. El Primero is simply regarded as one of the most important movements in the history of watchmaking.

It was originally released with the A386 in 1969. It was one of the earliest automatic chronograph movements on the market, and its statistics can be seen at a glance when it was launched. It is clearly the best. The use of Rolex in Daytona freed Rolex from the tricky conditions of the 1980s because they were keen to modernize their models with automatic movements.

In the 1970s, the famous Charles Vermot ignored the head office’s proposal to destroy all El Primero movements and tools, and instead decided to store everything in the attic. In this way, he preserved the movement and played an extremely important role in the continued success of Zenith and Rolex Daytona.

In the 80s and 90s, Zenith copy thanked Mr. Vermot for becoming a large-scale movement manufacturer. Although they were satisfied with the popularity of movement watches, Zenith hoped that Rolex would receive more attention. . Therefore, Zenith DeLuca was born in 1988 and launched a design that shares a lot of DNA with this new Chronomaster Sport.

Why not Rolex Daytona

Let us speak to the elephant in the room right away. Few people (in fact, many people) are talking about how this new Chronomaster Sport from Zenith is similar to its familiar Rolex Daytona.

With a white dial, a black ceramic bezel, a metal bracelet and similar hands and indexes on the surface, this seems to be a reasonable assumption. After all, Rolex created this aesthetic and completely owns it, right? Well, not exactly.

As you can see, many “Daytona” annotations appear due to the appearance of the watch. Of course, the appearance of a watch is an important part of its value (after all, we pay a lot of attention to these things during the day), but its value is much more than that. Rolex is not the only brand that releases a white dial chronograph with a black bezel (vibration, I know). Of course there are many other things, but what does Rolex need? They popularized modern luxury steel chronographs in a way that we know well, so that anything that looks almost similar is ignored and no longer regarded as another similar thing.

The best option for owning one is to at least double it and buy one on the gray market. When something is needed and there is demand, it becomes first. There are many details on the ceiling that are different from Daytona, but it seems that people are attracted by the visual. perfect Fake Watches