Bremont // Jaguar: The story so far

year 2010

Bremont creates custom car clocks for Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept Car and C-X75 Concept Supercar

The Bremont//Jaguar partnership began ten years ago, when Jaguar invited Bremont to build a custom car clock for the XJ75 Platinum concept car. The Jaguar XJ Platinum concept helps celebrate Jaguar’s 75th anniversary, and this collaboration highlights the need for customization in the luxury car market.

This is the success of the first project. Jaguar once again commissioned Bremont to create another on-board clock, the Tim C-X75 concept super sports car. The unique detachable clock is mounted on the turbine-inspired bracket of the center console, using the acceleration and braking power of the car to keep the mechanical device on the chain.

Another key element of the Bremont-inspired interior design is the same as the interior door release handle, which is installed at the base of the seat, in the same position as the fighter jet ejector lever. This is of course a recognition of Bremont’s collaboration with British ejection seat technology expert Martin-Baker. fake watches for sale

This stunning concept car later entered the Bond Hall of Fame and was unveiled in Spectre (2015). You can see this car driving on the streets of Rome, driven by Mr. Sinks, the nemesis of Bond. Not long ago, 007 used a flamethrower to blow it up rather rudely, which made people laugh and cry…

year 2011

Royal style
A year later, Jaguar commissioned Bremont to make car clocks for the Queen’s Jaguar team and make pocket watches for Prince Philip as part of the anniversary celebration. This is a huge honor.

Year 2014

Lightweight Type E
Three years later, the truly landmark moment came when Jaguar and Bremont launched a custom watch to celebrate one of Jaguar’s most iconic and popular cars, the lightweight E-Type.

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design director at the time, explained the reason for choosing Bremont for cooperation. “Bremont was an obvious choice as a partner because, like Jaguar, it is a typical British brand…We don’t want a watch. It’s too obvious in terms of design, but captured the spirit of lightweight in a subtle and relevant way, and I think Bremont has indeed achieved this goal.”

A series of six limited edition watches are matched with six exclusive lightweight Model E cars.
Each watch carries the engine and chassis number of the car it is paired with, and draws inspiration directly from the car. The black dial of this 43mm watch is based on the appearance of a lightweight RPM instrument with a subtle “red zone” “Quadrant.

Turn the watch over and the self-winding rotor further embodies the car. It uses the exquisite and miniaturized form of a lightweight steering wheel with alloy spokes and is equipped with authentic wooden wheels.

Bremont co-founder Giles English took a closer look at the attention to detail. “Creating watches proved to be a fascinating project because we gained access to the Jaguar archives, for example, to determine the exact font used on the original tachometer dial Numbers. We even added the original Dunlop tire tread on the crown of the car.”


Due to the overwhelming popularity of lightweight E-type watches and calls for easier-to-use versions of limited edition watches, Bremont launched two new Jaguar watches a year later. Ferrari described it as “the most beautiful production car in the world.”

The MKI and MKII watches were shown to the world for the first time on Baselworld in March 2015 and fully consolidated the long-term cooperative relationship between the two brands.

In order to capture the essence of E-Type in the watch, Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum and Bremont’s creative team focused on another iconic feature-the dashboard. The dial clearly pays tribute to the iconic Jaguar speedometer and “tachometer”, and also brings restrained but eye-catching colors to MKI and MKII watches.


The founder of Bremont participated in MINI MIGLIA
Later that year, Nick and Giles English joined stars including supermodel David Gandy and chef and TV presenter James Martin on the starting line of the Scottish Mini Miglia competition to pay tribute to Mille Miglia “the most beautiful game in the world.” ……”

The brothers winded along the best 100 miles of road in Scotland. The incredible scenery and winding roads of the Scottish Highlands provide the perfect backdrop for the iconic choice of the classic jaguar.


On the road…American adventure
Two years later, Nick took his restored old Jaguar E-Type across the pond, and he and Giles embarked on an epic American road trip.

Nick recalled this journey…

“The Jaguar E-Type Series 2 was restored by my father 35 years ago, so although it is tidy, it is definitely not the queen of the garage! You almost wore the car. Her interior is equipped with a large wooden steering wheel, worn leather seats and The retro dial is a perfect fit. You begin to realize how big modern cars have become. When we drove from one side of the United States to the other, I really fell in love with the E-Type.

We went to New York, where the brakes stuck in my car due to the temperature, we ran into wild bears in the Appalachian Mountains, we were at the NASCAR circuit in Charlotte, where we used the car, In Memphis, the clutch needed to be rebuilt, and we even managed to drive through Joshua Tree and Yosemite National Park, and then Death Valley at 40 degrees Celsius”

BREMONT continues the E-TYPE legend with the new Jaguar MKII WHITE
In 1963, a legend was born. The lightweight E-type racing car is always different. Only plan to produce 18 cars. That year, two lightweight Type E cars led the GT4 group, but it was 23rd, Old English white with striking red and blue stripes, and was the first to cross the finish line.

54 years later, this car has now become an iconic feature and brought to life with the Bremont MKII chronograph, a true tribute to a period of racing history. MKII is equipped with new hands and a red stitched “racing” leather strap, similar to the red racing stripes and vintage embroidered brand details that decorate cars.

2019 year
Nearly ten years from the journey of BREMONT/JAGUAR, BREMONT launched D-TYPE
Jaguar D-type won the 24 Hours of Le Mans three times between 1955 and 1957. To celebrate the British racing icon, Bremont designed a mechanical chronograph to bring the wearer back to the golden age of motorsport . The blue dial timepiece is inspired by the pantones of the Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar racing team and is limited to 300 pieces (because the Type D is classified as a 300 bhp car). The sapphire caseback of the large exhibition showcases the exquisite mechanical movement and the intricate Jaguar steering wheel-inspired rotor. The original Dunlop tire tread is etched on the crown, and the traditional Jaguar logo is beautifully finished with enamel on its end.

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design director at the time, said: “The Bremont D-Type Chronograph is inspired by one of the most striking and beautiful sports cars in history… Today is as exciting as it was in the 1950s. The story of the iconic car is still going on. The iconic car deserves a timepiece to match it. The limited edition watch perfectly captures the mechanical beauty of the D-Type and subtly pays tribute to the performance of the car-a true driver’s companion.”