Breitling Superocean Super Ocean

Nativity year: 1957

Super ocean is Breitling famous diving meter. In 1953, Baper 50 is born. Then, in 1954, the Rolex Water Ghost came out; 1957 Omega Hippo 300 came out (the hippocampus of modern dive standards), Breitling Super Ocean came out. It can be seen that the super ocean is the earliest modern diving table in the world. And Omega Hippocampus in the same year, ranked a few in the world. Early Breitling Super Ocean, including large three-needle 1004, timing 807, characterized by using an upwardly tilted lap, in this case.

In the 1960s, the Super Ocean also replaced the Caliber11 / 12 developed by Breitling Tigai, and features the crown on the left side of the case. The Breitling super ocean sold today, two branches, one is a super ocean, one is marine culture.

The super ocean sold is a professional diving meter of Breitling. In addition to the configuration of a professional dive, it is also very fashionable. There is yellow, orange, blue, white, black and black. The size also covers from 36 to 46 mm. Because the new high ocean is used in the new super ocean using universal movements (with an observatory certification), steel ring (coated).

Ocean culture, is the retro diving meter of Breitling, the appearance is close to the historical original version of 1957. Among them, marine culture B20 uses a better B20 automatic movement (depending on the self-produced movement, the Emperor MT56 series 100-year spirit version), has an observatory certification, driving force 70 hours. And the marine culture B20 is also very high, which is lower than the egg tomato, all the sorcerer and other diving tables. It should be noted that the marine culture 57 is completely imitated models of 1957 historical prototypes, using universal movements, please pay attention to the two tables of B20 and 57. swiss watch men