Fascinating and coveted Vacheron Constantin Panoramic Chronograph Panda Dial

The long-awaited branded Panda dial chronograph has finally landed. Is this the best interpretation of the vertical and horizontal chronograph? We think so.

If luxury stainless steel sports watches are a hot commodity in today’s market, Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas Chronograph Panda just raised the bar from hot to hotter. Just ahead of Watches & Wonders 2023, Vacheron Constantin fake has unveiled its latest stainless steel Overseas chronograph with a panda dial, pulling a beautiful little white rabbit from its top hat. The brand’s latest Overseas The Chronograph ref. 5500V is a fine example of a sports chronograph with a striking and legible 1960s-inspired panda dial. Combining the unique case of the Overseas collection, the impeccable Hallmark of Geneva mechanism and the maximum versatility of three interchangeable strap and bracelet options, Vacheron Constantin is a winner. It’s clear that VC has been listening to the feedback and crafting this highly anticipated reference that will make many collectors and enthusiasts weak in the knees.

take the pulse
What is surprising about a watch brand that has been making watches since 1755 is its openness to contemporary trends. Due to the important role played by Christian Selmoni as the guardian of the brand’s tradition and style, Vacheron Constantin has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to grasp contemporary trends, and with the brand’s unique talent and high-end The spirit of watchmaking interprets them. Vacheron Constantin sits alongside the heavyweight horological masterpieces of the bespoke Les Cabinotiers workshops, capitalizing on the skeletonized watch trend, for example, with its impressive skeletonized tourbillon and stunning Overseas perpetual calendar ultra-thin watch.

overseas background
The spiritual ancestor of the Overseas series is 222, which is a luxury sports watch launched by Vacheron Constantin in 1977. It coincides with the grand anniversary of its 222nd anniversary. This watch quickly ascended the throne of the trinity of luxury sports watches. The first Overseas series came out in 1996 and has since undergone two overhauls in 2004 and 2016. For a detailed history of the watch’s evolution, don’t miss our two videos (covering the origins of the collection and the current collection) with Christian Selmoni. replica watches uk

While respecting all the attributes associated with the luxury sports watch genre, impressive finishes, an integrated in-house Hallmark of Geneva movement and a versatile interchangeable strap/bracelet put the Overseas Chronograph at the high end of luxury sports A higher realm of watches, with models produced by Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. The Overseas Chronograph, reference 5500V, came to fruition in 2016 with a third generation revamp of the series (the previous Overseas Chronograph featured a modified Frederic Piguet movement).

Since 2016, the Overseas Chronograph has appeared in different case materials and a variety of dial colors, including a reverse panda dial with a black background and white sub-dials for 2018. Although the latest version of the vertical and horizontal chronograph has only changed the color of the dial, the result is quite different. It is worth mentioning that the release of this steel panda chronograph coincides with the discontinuation of the brown and silver dial models, and the series has reduced the stainless steel models to three: rose gold case blue dial, inverted panda and Panda version.

popular panda
Giant pandas, these adorable furry bears from China with their black and white stripes, the watch industry borrowed their name from for chronograph dials with white or silver surfaces and black counters. There is also a subspecies of giant pandas called anti-pandas, with black faces and white sub-dials. Of course, there are panda dials in various contrasting colors, with Zenith’s El Primero being a model that comes to mind, but the original mission of the boldly contrasting panda dial was to improve legibility.

Vintage Panda Chronographs were popular during the heyday of racing chronographs in the 1960s and are now highly sought after by collectors. Since only a handful of collector brands produced panda-inspired dials in the 1960s, prices for vintage panda chronographs skyrocketed at auction. To give you an idea of the panda’s wild popularity, Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona Panda Chronograph sold for more than $17 million at auction in 2017, and his reverse Panda Rolex came three years later. The Tona top quality watches sold for an astounding $5,475,000.

Given the popularity of panda dials, it’s odd that Vacheron Constantin’s first Overseas Panda Chronograph was a reverse panda with a black dial and white counters. Still very distinctive and striking, the Reverse Panda Overseas is a welcome addition to the more static and staid tonal versions of the chronograph. Fortunately, Vacheron Constantin seems to have been listening to collectors and, seven years after its debut, has produced an award-winning Panda Chronograph that will soon be harder to capture in the wild than a real Panda. Discover.

what difference does a face make
A simple inversion of color on a dial can make an incredible difference. Now the Overseas Chronograph stands out with its silver-toned dial and black sub-dials, exuding a sportier racing vibe.

As you can see in our photos, the silver central area of the dial has an attractive sunburst finish that complements the ambient light. The subtle sheen created by the light hitting the dial is certainly not as ‘loud’ as a white dial, but it underscores the inherent elegance and sophistication of the Overseas collection.

The contrasting black snail-shaped sub-dials at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, like the black eyes and nose of a panda, stand out against the silver background and immediately draw the eye to their centre. The numerals in the 30-minute and 12-hour counters are intentionally large and silver in color for enhanced legibility. Chapter ring with matt white gold facets, hour markers and minute markers. Echoing the two-tone color scheme of the dial, the sloping flange with the chronograph seconds hand is finished in black with a velvety finish and white markers. Like it or not, there is a rather discreet date window at 4:30 in a beveled silver frame with a white background and black numerals. In keeping with its sports watch personality, the hour and minute hands, as well as the indices, are treated with Super-LumiNova.

The stainless steel case has the same specifications as the previous Overseas Chronograph, measuring 42.5mm in diameter and 13.7mm in height. Above the vertically brushed tonneau-shaped base and round base is a mirror-polished hexagonal bezel designed to look like the truncated arm of the brand’s Maltese cross logo. The finish extends to the bracelet, which features a flat brushed surface and hand-polished bevels. To ensure that the case is water resistant to 150 meters, the crown is screwed in and the pusher is screwed in and locked. Completing its defensive armor is a soft iron case ring that protects the movement from magnetic forces. Replica watches USA

Caliber 5200
Caliber 5200, designed for the third generation of the Cosmopolitan series, is a fully integrated chronograph movement with a column wheel (decorated with a Maltese cross) and a vertical clutch. This vertically coupled clutch prevents any jerking of the hands when the chronograph is started. The twin barrels beat at 28,8000vph, providing a power reserve of 52 hours, and the components of the movement can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back. You can see the 22k gold oscillating weight with the wind rose and some decorations – Côtes de Genève stripes, polished bevels, circular graining – that adorn this Poinçon de Genève movement.

multiple personality
One of the selling points of the Overseas series is undoubtedly its transformative potential. One of the first brands to join the interchangeable strap/bracelet trend with a foolproof, tool-free, well-designed and patented DIY mechanism, Vacheron Constantin shows how the Cosmopolitan watch can be dressed up or down, adapting its personality in seconds Dress up in a formal suit or wetsuit in minutes. Even though interchangeable straps are now the norm and demand in the market, I always see Vacheron Constantin as the pioneer of this trend in high-end watches.

The Overseas Chronograph is available in three strap options: a practical and sporty stainless steel bracelet with half Maltese cross links and a triple folding clasp with push buttons and comfort adjustment system; black calfskin strap; and sporty high-tech black rubber strap. Fake Watches For Sale

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS – Vacheron Constantin Overseas Panda Chronograph
Case: Diameter 42.5 mm x Height 13.7 mm – brushed and polished cushion-shaped stainless steel case – front and rear sapphire crystals – soft iron case ring for magnetic protection – screw-down crown and quarter-turn screw-down screw-lock pushers -Screw-in- Waterproof to 150m- Weight 189g
Dial: Panda style – silver sunray brushed dial with translucent varnish – black velvety inner flange and black snailed subdials – white gold applied hour-markers and hands with Super-LumiNova – framed date window
Movement: Manufacture Caliber 5200 – Hallmark of Geneva certified – Automatic integrated chronograph with column wheel and vertical clutch – 263 components, 54 jewels – 30.6 mm x 6.6 mm – 28,800 vibrations/hour – 52 hours Power Reserve – hours, minutes, small seconds, date and chronograph with 30-minute and 12-hour counters
Bracelet/Strap: Stainless steel bracelet, brushed and polished, three-blade folding clasp with push button and comfort adjustment system – patented interchangeable system – comes with black calfskin strap with gray stitching and black texture Rubber strap with extra triple-blade folding buckle also included in the package
Reference: 5500V/110A-B686

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Watch

In 2014, Jacob & Co. replica is back with some pretty amazing timepieces sure to impress everyone from traditional watch lovers to the general public. Watch the video below about the new Astronomia Tourbillon and it’s easy to see why the typical reaction to this complex and very interesting timepiece is “wow”. When and if the Astronomia will actually be produced is another question, but even if the timepiece remains a digital video, I’d be happy to create pure concepts.

The whole point of the Astronomia is to give you a “four-armed” movement that has a time dial (which twists to stay upright as the entire movement structure rotates around its axis), a tourbillon (which technically moves on two pivot points ), a rotating seconds indicator, and a rotating sphere reversed seconds indicator. Astronomia Sky more or less retains this performance (albeit differently in design and execution) and adds some astronomical complexity. Look around the perimeter of the dial through the face of the scene, and you’ll see a tiny hand that follows using a 12-month scale that runs along the entire face. Now, look at the center of this four-armed kinematic structure, and on top of it you’ll find a small sphere that looks like Earth. This globe has a hemispherical shield surrounding it as a day and night indicator. There are only two axis points to note here, other than the Earth’s rotation every 20 minutes, which is the 24-hour rotation of the diurnal index, as that is the rotation time of the four-armed movement. The little “world” itself is made of titanium and then hand-crafted Painted and carved. On the flow of this watch below the movement is a celestial star map with a zodiac indicator. This face is made of blued titanium (similar to our long-time favorite De Bethune watches) and features oval “sky indicator” hands. The entire dial actually rotates once a year,

Jacob & Co. was one of the first watchmakers to understand the power of the “crazy swiss luxury replica watches,” as a mechanical watch with an epic complication meant only to impress in a way that resembles the tone and substance of many rap music videos. Impressed. These are designed as “ultra-luxury lifestyle” watches for those who are bored of buying a new yacht and browsing eBay on their phone while waiting for their personal banker to leave the yacht toilet they’re currently sitting on. The only thing about a watch like this is that it should be more impressive than most other watches that rich people can afford.

Nothing I said was meant to be mean or sarcastic. That’s indeed a fairly small target audience for a timepiece like this. We’re talking about that new money, new big money. These consumers are keen to show off their wealth, but sometimes cannot afford to spend it. Having said that, a piece like the Astronomia Tourbillon does have an air of refined sophistication given its haute horlogerie pedigree. While Jacob & Co. may have a “diverse” clientele that represents who you do and don’t want to have dinner with, they certainly have the ability to get things done when they go all out.

There is very little information about the Astronomia Tourbillon at the moment, other than a video and pictures, Jacob & Co. did a great job preparing us for the ‘launch’ of the piece at Baselworld 2014. We hope to see it in person there or eventually. Sometimes best cheap watches like this first debut in computer rendering, only to be actually released a few years later because the time it takes to produce a working movement can be much longer. This may be the case, as the movement in the Astronomia Tourbillon seems very ambitious. While the watch itself is not an astronomical complication, it is themed around them. At the center of the watch is the “sun”, surrounded by four orbiting objects.

These items include the time dial (which remains upright in all positions as it moves around the main dial), a rotating globe model, a rotating spherical crystal (possibly a diamond), and finally, an impressive biaxial tourbillon. This It’s all based around a nifty planetary gearing that any engineering student (or watchmaker) would be proud to have as their semester project.

It’s not clear whether a spinning globe that aligns with Earth’s 24-hour cycle could be clearly used to indicate anything. It doesn’t even matter, because the simple action of it looks fun enough. The dial was probably the most impressive to me at the time, as it was both legible and quite complex in visual presentation.

Jacob & Co. introduces the Astronomia Tourbillon, featuring a large diameter 18k rose gold case with a bezel and glass made from a single block of sapphire crystal. This allows a full view of the dial from all angles. Also note the lack of a crown, which means it’s either on the top of the watch or, more likely, somewhere on the back. The mechanical movement itself is designed to take up only a small portion of the dial to allow for roominess in the case and give the impression that the four “planets” have a lot of room to move. It is most likely hand-wound.

As a pure movement of horological decadence, the Astronomia Tourbillon is certainly a very interesting watch, and its production cost and final retail price may be just as awesome. We at aBlogtoWatch love this thing because it makes owning a simple timepiece so much more fun. We can look at our most basic “classic” watches and imagine that somewhere out there, someone might be wearing an Astronomia Tourbillon and reading at the same time of day, but more ornate.

Aviation watch, you still have to look at Breitling

Everyone knows how popular sports watches are nowadays, and among sports swiss watches, watches related to “ocean” and “aviation” are even more popular. Today I want to talk to you about the watch industry. The aviation table of the “fighter”. Among all kinds of aviation watches, I personally prefer Breitling.

In Breitling’s more than one hundred years of watchmaking history, the exploration and implementation of aviation watches have always been carried out. Combining years of aviation watchmaking experience, it has given prominent characteristics to brand products.

“Aviation Computer” Breitling

If one word is used to describe Breitling’s profound history and outstanding achievements in the field of aviation watches, it is “aviation computer”.

The first aviation chronograph launched by Breitling

The love relationship between Breitling and aviation watches can be traced back to 1915. Gaston Breitling developed the first chronograph watch, providing the first aviation chronograph watch for the pioneers of flight, and also for Breitling’s in-depth research on flying watches. Foundation.

When the time came to 1932, Breitling ushered in the third generation of Willy Breitling, the head of Breitling. With his youthful vision and bold ideas, he foresaw the future of Breitling in the blue sky, so he opened up a new field for the brand, namely aviation. Timing field. He also led the founding of the “Huit Aviation Flight Department”, which designs sophisticated cockpit instrument panels for the fledgling aviation field. Breitling has since risen to fame and is favored by aviation professionals, especially senior officers of the Air Force.

Twenty years later, in 1953, Breitling launched a new type of flight instrument AVI 765 pilot watch, which was presented in a wearable form. “Pilot” watch, and affected the shape and performance of later pilot watches. In 2020, Breitling launched a 1953 replica of an AVI 765 watch, which fully reproduced antique watches. Compared with the prototype model, the replica watch has only two significant differences: one is the removal of the word “Geneve” on the dial, and the other is that the water resistance is increased to 30 meters, which has a high collection value.

And this year, Breitling used the “Co-Pilot” Ref. 765 AVI pilot watch and four legendary fighters (North American P-51 Mustang fighter, Water F4U Corsair carrier fighter, Curtis P-40 Warhawk fighter and De· Havilland Mosquito Bomber) for design inspiration, launched the new Super AVI series watch, which is also the first series of Breitling legendary aviation watches.

Charm from flying

Breitling CEO George Cohen said: “This series of watches embodies a nostalgia for the early aviation era, when pilots relied on watches as an onboard tool. But even if you are not a pilot or a fan of vintage airplanes, I can appreciate its extraordinary craftsmanship and sturdy design.” These remarks illustrate Breitling’s emphasis on the new Super AVI series, and also reflect the brand’s confidence in the quality of the series.

Retro aesthetics, unique design

The Super AVI series watches are based on the brand’s century-old aviation watchmaking experience and have designed many iconic features for the watch models.

The case size is 46 mm, continuing Breitling’s usual tough guy style. Corresponding to the “large diameter” are the “large hour markers” and the “large crown”. The dial and bezel are engraved with clear and easy-to-read capital Arabic numerals. The oversized crown is located at 3 o’clock. It can also be easily adjusted with thick aviator gloves.

The two-way rotating bezel is decorated with knurled pits, which can provide the wearer with the best grip.

The brand equips this series of watches with a calfskin strap. The stitched style is intended to pay tribute to the stitching on the leather flight suits of that era, with all the details.

The Super AVI series launched by Breitling this time contains five different styles with distinctive features. Next, we will introduce these watches one by one.

Aviator 8 Curtis Warhawk Fighter Watch

The Super AVI P-51 Mustang fighter watch pays tribute to the all-around fighter North American P-51 Mustang fighter in two different styles. One has a stainless steel case with a black dial, and the other has a 18K red gold case. Equipped with an anthracite dial to meet the different styles of players.

The Super AVI Tribute Water F4U Corsair Carrier Fighter Watch inspired by the paint of navy fighter jets uses a blue dial. The timer is the same color as the dial, echoing the ocean elements.

In 2019, to commemorate the partnership with the iconic P-40 Warhawk fighter manufacturer, Breitling launched three Aviator 8 Curtis Warhawk fighter watches, which aroused unanimous praise from players.

This year, the Curtis Warhawk fighter element is applied to the watch again. The Super AVI Curtis Warhawk fighter watch is equipped with a military green dial with a white timer and red decorations. The color contrast is sharp, showing the famous The art style of shark mouth is highly recognizable.

The bezel of the Super AVI Mosquito Bomber watch is more unique. It is made of polished and satin-finished black ceramic. The orange and red elements of the hands and the white sub-disc are not only reminiscent of the De Havilland Mosquito Bomber. Discs and marks.

Self-produced movement with outstanding performance

The new Super AVI series watches not only have excellent appearance, but also remarkable in terms of performance. Like the aviation watch launched by Breitling before, it also has a timing function. There are 30-minute counters, 12-hour counters and small seconds counters at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions of the dial, and the date display window is located at 6 o’clock, with complete functions.

In addition to the timing function, Breitling also added a GMT function for it. Pilots or other travelers can check the time in the second time zone through the 24-hour mark on the inner bezel and the red pointed Greenwich Mean Time hands.

Through the back of the watch, we can see the Breitling-made B04 movement carried by the watch. This movement is one of the few automatic mechanical chronograph movements that can perfectly provide convenient dual time zone display. It has an exclusive patented system that can be used to eliminate differential gear gaps, making time zone changes smoother and more convenient and will not cause any interference with minute, second time and chronograph. In addition, the B04 movement has been certified by the Swiss Observatory and can provide approximately 70 hours of power reserve and is water-resistant to 100 meters.

As fake Breitling Creative Director Sylvain Benilon said, “We cannot forget that Breitling created aviation tool watches such as the AVI 765 model. This tradition is so powerful that we must not only keep it intact, but also Re-write it in the 21st century.” From its first entry into the aviation field to becoming an undoubted “aviation computer”, Breitling has experienced a century of journey. The launch of the new Super AVI series of watches symbolizes Breitling’s exploration of aviation watches. To a new level, and its fate with aviation continues.

Delacor Replica watches

Delacor replica reflects the limited edition of Tyuhe Titanium Alloy

Reflecting the biscoon and the new case is the latest supplement to Dracick reflects exclusive luxury house collection. This new model and the incredible balance between the traditional model combines powerful personality and eternal design.

The concept of this new shape is based on the design principles and expertise of this situation created by delacour. It retains the elongated contour of the case and make the brand original lugs.

Replica DeLaCour Bichrono SIIc Watch

The model becomes more classic with the corners of the rectangular shape and deformation. Due to the opening of the left side of the corundum and the left side of the housing, the 9 titanium parts of this limited edition seem to be illuminated from the interior. The Touri Wheel is a strict specification and the professional knowledge of the Swiss watch manufacturer, and the manufacturing diameter of contemporary design. Its excellent cylindrical structure is very complicated in realization to ensure this perfect visual harmony. replica watches price

A excellent work is born, the chassis seems to be lost. The four rigid tubes constituting their structures are roughly exposed to the inside of the watch, thereby revealing all of its purity gear lines. This new model shows Drak’s expertise and has two new technologies:

First, the fine insertion of the cylinder is adjusted to a perfect vertical axial structure as a bridge, and the maximum rigidity of the movement is given.

Then, additional glossy turret reflects like a mirror, high quality reflecting light. This is the novelty in the modern watchmaking, which brings transparency, while temptation of weight loss. Like its tray, the side wings of this watch reflect the heart of the best replica watch.

This tetrel wheel core adopts a manual winding and a 95-hour power reserve. Its super aluminum skeleton triangle tip is easy to read for hours and minutes.

Hand-sutured crocodile belt fashionly completed this watch.

technical details

Diameter: DC 296
Touri Wheel: 6’OClock
Winding: Machinery
Power reserve: 95 hours
Jewelry: 27
Vibration per hour: 21`600 (3Hz)

Part: 195

Hours, minute
Electric reserve

Size: 48 x 52 x 12.5 mm
Material: Titanium
Waterproof: 5 ATM
Glass: sapphire
Back: sapphire
Side window: sapphire
Crown: Ø10 mm

Black shiny panels and integrated bridges holding a corundum tube.
Hand: Skeleton with light-emitting coating

Black hand sewing crocodile

replica DeLaCour Bichrono