Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari is the new thinnest mechanical watch

Producing the thinnest mechanical watch ever produced is impressive. Scoring Ferrari as a partner is a boost. Charging $1,000 per micron for your product thickness – which, in fact, is impractical – is quite enviable. Yet, sometimes, the end result of such an incredible achievement is still — odd. The record for the world’s thinnest watch seems to be routinely overruled these days, and just a few months after Bulgari took the crown with the 1.8mm-thick Octo Finissimo Ultra, Richard Mille’s new RM UP-01 Ferrari only sets it is 0.05 mm. With an overall thickness of 1.75 mm and made of grade 5 titanium, the new model is an ultra-thin, ultra-light timepiece that continues Richard Mille’s tradition of pushing the boundaries of mechanical timekeeping – from Richard Mille Not calling it a record-breaking watch. interesting.

The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra and the Piaget models that held the record before achieved ultra-thinness by having the case double as a structural part of the movement. In contrast, according to the brand, the new Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari uses a more traditional case construction, placing the complete movement inside the case. The case is more of a monolithic design, as its case profile (no matter how slim) and case back are made from the same piece of titanium, while the front, or rather the bezel, is a different piece. Today, most watch cases use a front, middle, and case back.

What good is all this? Well, this rigid construction and uniquely shaped gasket help the RM UP-01 offer a 10m water resistance rating – not something one would expect from a watch of this kind, but then again, Richard Mille knows its customers aren’t afraid to play with their Ten thousand – dollar toys. Neither are its brand ambassadors, like Nadal, who hit 135 mph on his first serve and wore a Richard Mille tourbillon. As you might imagine, having a movement’s main board double as a watch’s mid-case or caseback isn’t ideal for shock resistance — although, to its credit, Bulgari uses tungsten carbide for structural rigidity, while Richard Mille’s LE uses grade 5 titanium.

The 51mm wide x 39mm lug-to-lug case can best be described as a wide rectangle with rounded edges, and despite being remarkably thin, the RM UP-01 Ferrari still features the brand’s signature exposed screws around the perimeter. The overall shape of the case is a bit like the classic tonneau-shaped design of Richard Mille rotated 90°. However, the top of the Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari buying replica watch does not feature the traditional centrally mounted hands of the dial and is covered with crystals, but consists primarily of a titanium surface with four small circular openings engraved with the Ferrari racing emblem .

The time is shown by a small (very small) register in the center of the upper half of the watch, while the circle on the right provides a balanced view, both covered by a thin sapphire crystal. Meanwhile, the two circles located on the left side of the watch with to access the movement. Using a traditional winding crown setting would result in a significantly thicker structure, so Richard Mille opted for a unique design in which two rotating disc-shaped crowns are flush with the watch face and the top serves as a function selector switch, The one at the bottom is dedicated to winding and setting the time. The back of the case is a piece of grade 5 titanium that is bolted to the front half,

Powering the Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari is the ultra-thin Calibre RMUP-01, which was developed in collaboration with the workshop of Audemars Piguet Le Locle, formerly known as Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi or APR&P for short APR&P. APR&P works extremely closely with Richard Mille on most of the brand’s highly complex pieces, from design to production. Hand-wound and offering hour and minute displays and a function selector, the RMUP-01 movement measures just 1.18 mm in overall thickness and weighs just 2.82 grams, yet is capable of withstanding accelerations of over 5,000 G. It provides users with a 45-hour power reserve matched to the higher frequency 4Hz, which is more suitable for watches that are expected to be subject to frequent shocks.

The movement has some completely redesigned components to support Richard Mille’s pursuit of thinness. In order to reduce the depth, the small plate of the balance wheel and the protective pin—two components that prevent the anchor from slipping back during the free phase of the balance’s movement—were eliminated. Instead, a new, also patented, ultra-flat escapement replaces these “anti-reversal” elements with a slender fork with new horns. To ensure maximum strength and lightness, the RMUP-01 movement features a grade 5 titanium baseplate and skeletonized bridges, the movement features a redesigned patented escapement to further reduce height, and a titanium alloy variable inertia balance for maximum performance. Best stability and accuracy.

The overall thickness of the Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari’s entire case is just 1.75mm, which is thinner than the black rubber strap attached to it, which is pretty interesting if you think about it. However, the challenge of getting such an ultra-thin watch to look good on the wrist remains a nearly insurmountable one – or so it seems from some of the official images provided. Even a handsome Monaco racer, Charles Leclerc (above), can’t seem to put this impressive technical feat on his wrist. It looks more like a gadget or bracelet than a watch, maybe.

Another point of criticism could be the way the Ferrari brand is used. Like it or not, Hublot has pushed the bar to new heights and, we think, taught the world how to properly partner with Ferrari. Hublot has moved away from vaulting on products that would be identical in design and function without it. In other words, stylistic elements, materials and even a close collaboration with Ferrari Design Studio (their in-house design studio actually designs Ferrari cars, not Ferrari-branded aftershaves) have made their way to Hublot at various prices. At this point, it’s hard to see if the Richard Mille RM UP-01 Ferrari is actually a Ferrari watch,

At the end of the day, the RM UP-01 Ferrari has set a new world record for ultra-thin mechanical timepieces, which is good for both the brand and the watchmaking industry’s image. It shows dynamism, dynamism and dedication, and deserves applause for it.

Greubel Forsey presents the Tourbillon 24-Second Architectural Watch

Simply put, Greubel Forsey luxury does not manufacture traditional watches. From the case to the movement, it makes timepieces unlike anything you’ve seen from any other manufacturer. There is some kind of three-dimensional quality present in almost all Greubel Forsey pieces, integrating the movement components into the core design of the respective model, rather than treating the movement as a separate entity and placing it in the case and hiding it up behind the dial. With this in mind, Greubel Forsey’s latest creation is called the Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture, which takes the brand’s iconic three-dimensional design philosophy to a whole new level.

The case of the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture perfect replica watches is made of titanium, following what the brand calls a “convex conical truncated case shape,” with a bezel that is smaller in diameter than its base. The diameter of the caseback is 47.05mm, while the conical shape of the case tapers to 45.5mm at the bezel for an overall thickness of 16.8mm. In addition to the sapphire crystal that covers the dial and caseback, the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture features a curved sapphire crystal that extends around the entire periphery of the case, allowing unobstructed views of the movement. In addition to showing the three-dimensional structure of the movement in the most complete way,

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture

Diameter: 47.05mm (strap) and 45mm (bezel)
Height: 16.8 mm
Material: Titanium and Sapphire
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 50 m

Movement: Tourbillon 24-second mechanism
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve indicator and tourbillon
Frequency: 21,600 windings/hour (3 Hz)
: Manual winding
Power reserve: 90 hours

Strap: Rubber strap, titanium folding clasp

Like other Greubel Forsey watches, the “dial” of the Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture is not so much a dial in the traditional sense as a display of expertly treated parts of the watch, with a pair of hands mounted in the middle. They come to indicate the time. Surrounding the opening on the side of the dial is a relief engraved with a series of Greubel Forsey values ​​that inspired this creation: Architecture, Harmony, Innovation, Technology, Duplex, Passion, Science, Exclusive, creative. Meanwhile, a large spherical open bridge supports the 25° inclined tourbillon at 6 o’clock. The barrel bridge at 10 o’clock is sculpted from a polished spherical surface and fastened to the engraved, lacquered and circular-grained barrel cover.

Like almost all Greubel Forsey pieces, a flawless movement is seen as an integral part of the watch itself, both in terms of aesthetics and practical design. While the complex case of the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture is impressive in itself, its unique construction has the sole purpose of showcasing the watch’s incredible 354-component movement, the real calibre of the latest version of Greubel Forsey. Party Pieces. The polished titanium bridges complement the matte finish on the main plate, which are arranged in an organic manner designed to mimic the asymmetrical yet harmonious growths found in nature.​​​ The hand-wound movement features three coaxial tandem barrels, one of which is equipped with a sliding spring to avoid overstretching, which together provide an ample 90-hour power reserve for the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture. Finally, completing the watch is a one-piece black rubber strap with a titanium folding clasp and an engraved Greubel Forsey logo.

As a company that places movements front and center in watches, even the simplest and most traditional Greubel Forsey pieces can be considered highly architectural in their overall design and composition. The new Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24-Second Architecture takes this aesthetic approach to a whole new level, creating an incredibly dynamic timepiece with a look reminiscent of the interconnected ensembles that can be found in dense metropolises. Shapes, surfaces and light reflections.

The MB&F Flying T series is growing

The brand has launched eight new variants of its famous model

old plane flying T
Even the most unpredictable and daring of life can form patterns and get caught in cycles when viewed from a distance. This is a fundamental truth that underlies all human existence, both individual and collective. For Maximilian Büsser and MB&F, creative energy runs on a seven-year cycle. In MB&F’s seventh year, the Legacy Machine collection was born and the first MADGallery opened in Geneva, opening doors for MB&F co-creation.

MB&F’s 14th year opens up new avenues of horological exploration, bringing an evolution in creative vision for founders and companies: Legacy Machine FlyingT, first launched in 2019, is MB&F’s first three-dimensional horological artwork for women. A yellow or platinum round case with a steeply curved bezel and slender lugs, usually entirely set with diamonds. A tall, luxurious cabochon sapphire crystal rises from the bezel. Beneath the dome, a subtly curved dial with various finishes: liquid black with layers of stretch lacquer, guilloche, vibrant gems or sparkling white diamonds.

The asymmetrical ventricle openings on the dial form the heart of the LM FlyingT engine – a cinematic flying tourbillon beating at a calm frequency of 2.5Hz (18,000vph). The tourbillon juts out from the rest of the engine, a dynamic column that stops at the apex of the sapphire crystal dome. On top of the upper tourbillon cage is a large diamond that rotates at the same time as the flying tourbillon, radiating the fiery brilliance of the finest gemstones.

At 7 o’clock – another digital theme that runs through the LM FlyingT – is a black or white lacquered (or gemstone) dial that displays the hours and minutes with a pair of elegant serpentine hands. The dial is tilted 50° so that only the wearer can read the time, this intimate communication underlines the personality of the LM FlyingT.

On the reverse, the self-winding oscillating weight takes the shape of a three-dimensional red gold sun that sculpts light, providing the LM FlyingT with a four-day power reserve.

Legacy Machine FlyingT’s design is full of associations with the influence of women and motherhood in Maximilian Büsser’s life. Büsser said: “I wanted the LM FlyingT to have the epitome of femininity reflected by the women in my life, especially my mother. It had to combine supreme elegance with great dynamism. The columnar structure of the flying tourbillon was very appealing to me. It’s important to say, because I feel very strongly that women are the backbone of humanity. At the same time, there is another meaning to the sun rotor, which incorporates elements of life and is the source of food that we are drawn to and around.”

Legacy Machine FlyingT debuted in 2019 in three versions, all in white gold and set with diamonds: black lacquered dial with brilliant-cut diamonds on the case; brilliant-cut diamonds on both dial and case; baguette-cut on both dial and case diamond.

New versions have been added to the FlyingT collection: • Two versions in 18K red gold or platinum, without diamonds, but with a guilloché dial; • Three diamond-set versions with gemstone dials: 18K white gold case with lapis lazuli dial, 18K White gold with malachite dial and 18K yellow gold case with tiger eye dial.

Legacy Machine Flying T Red Gold/Platinum
The story begins with a woman (as many do). The origins of Legacy Machine FlyingT owe to founder Maximilian Büsser’s reflection on the important role women played in his life. Launched in the first few months of 2019, the Legacy Machine FlyingT showcases a rich and sophisticated femininity, chosen to embody elegance and dynamism – a powerful toughness – rather than the softer women often seen in watches targeting the XX side of chromosome splits Tradition.

A towering flying tourbillon protrudes cylindrically from the dial of the LM FlyingT, driven by the energy generated by the sun-shaped rotor. A diamond sparkles at the top of the upper tourbillon cage. Vibrant and precision engineered movement, the LM FlyingT debuts in three white gold diamond-set versions: one with a simple halo of brilliant-cut stones on the bezel and lugs, and one fully paved with brilliant-cut stones , while the other is entirely paved with baguette-cut stones. This powerful feminine horological expression is a first for MB&F, winning the Prix de la Complication pour Dame at the 2019 Grand Prix de la Horlogerie de Genève.

For 2020, LM FlyingT presents a red gold model and a platinum model that takes off the diamonds and embraces nature. Removing the crystalline carbon casing of the Legacy Machine FlyingT rediscovers the central column of the Hyperfocus Flying Tourbillon. In place of the stretched lacquer dial is a guilloche trim with a radial fan-arch pattern that directs the eye to the cinematic heart of the in-house developed engine.

There are two versions of the guilloche dial made by longtime replica MB&F collaborator Kari Voutilainen in his specialist dial facility. One is as black as a moonless night with a red gold case, while the other is midsummer blue with a platinum case. The same LM FlyingT, when switching between night and day modes, sees the world as differently as day and night.

The new version of Legacy Machine FlyingT has only one sparkling connection to their diamond armored predecessors. On top of the flying tourbillon, named after LM FlyingT, a 0.035-carat gemstone rotates in synchrony with the underlying mechanism, making one revolution every 60 seconds. At every angle of rotation at 300 revolutions per minute, predefined by the 2.5Hz (18,000bph) balance wheel – the diamond unleashes a new prismatic light, thanks to its sharp faceted cut.

At the foot of the flying tourbillon at 7 o’clock is a white lacquered dial displaying the hours and minutes with a pair of blue serpentine hands. The dial is inclined at 50° so that only the wearer can read the time; an intimate exchange that highlights the personality of the LM FlyingT.

On the back, the self-winding oscillating weight in the shape of a three-dimensional red gold sun that sculpts light provides the LM FlyingT with a power reserve of four days (100 hours). Following the diamond-set version, Legacy Machine FlyingT Best cheap watches is now available in two limited editions of 18 pieces each: an 18K red gold case with a black guilloche dial (night) and a platinum 950 case with a sky blue guilloche dial ( daytime).