The 2022 World Cup players and their luxury watches

The quadrennial World Cup officially kicks off in Qatar. In the next month, I believe that the headlines of major news will be inseparable from the hot topic of “World Cup”.

In addition to winning or losing, there are other scenery.

In fact, many celebrities have studied the replica Watches uk field, shared photos on social media, and sometimes pursued some new watch models. So today, let’s take a look at the watches worn by some football stars.

Certainly no player will wear it while playing. However, players will wear watches on the way to Qatar, they will wear watches during interviews, during games, referees will wear watches, coaches on the sidelines will wear watches, and many people in the audience wear watches.

Therefore, we have made some inventory of the watches that appeared in the World Cup in the past few days, and briefly shared them with you. Among them, Rolex is definitely the most, and the frequency of departure of Hublot is also very high.

When Messi landed in Qatar, he was wearing a Rolex Platinum Ice Blue Daytona at the airport. This watch has been discontinued and replaced by this year’s new model, model 128236, dog ring. The new dog ring is also the first time Rolex has used it on a platinum Daytona.

But when it came to the World Cup interview, Messi wore a Patek Philippe 5740G on his wrist.

Ronaldo’s habit of wearing watches has always been from a local tyrant, all kinds of fancy big diamond watches. During the World Cup interview, he wore the latest Epic Baguette skeleton watch specially created by his old friend Jacob & Co. The watch is set with 4.6 carats of diamonds, and on the front is a picture of his classic header against Manchester United when he played for Real Madrid.

Beckham is the spokesperson of Tudor and is very dedicated. When he appears in front of the public camera, he basically wears a Tudor watch. In this World Cup, he wore Tudor M79250BM with a bronze case and a bronze bracelet when watching the game in the auditorium.

French striker Kylian Mbappe also wore a Hublot during World Cup interviews. Hublot Soul of Big Bang moon phase Best Cheap Replica Watches.

England’s next-generation midfielder Declan Rice wears a Rolex Meteorite Daytona for a makeup shoot.

Brazilian striker Neymar was wearing a Rolex Daytona rainbow diamond ring version when he got off the plane. There are two other versions of this watch, one with a dog tooth ring and the other with a super baby’s breath that is also set with diamonds on the bracelet.

Dutch striker Memphis Depay was photographed wearing a very unpopular Rolex Platinum Daytona before the game, with a platinum case, dog tooth ring, and diamond lettering.

Belgian striker Lukaku wore a Rolex Day-Date model: 228348 when he got off the plane for an interview.

When the Croatian midfielder Modric got off the plane, he was wearing a very ordinary Rolex Datejust mint green DJ, which is the aperture version.

Ballon d’Or winner Benzema wears a Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson with twin barrels. ATZ baffle has the characteristics of stable color and high hardness. The bezel and bottom bezel are made of grade 5 titanium. material and comes with a white rubber protector. Unfortunately, Benzema will miss this World Cup due to a quadriceps injury in his left thigh.

Tang Anju, who scored the first goal for the Japanese team, wore a Hublot watch. This is the Big Bang e Smart Watch Qatar World Cup Japan National Team Special Edition.

After the Saudis won Argentina, their sports minister was as happy as a child. He wears IWC IW506003 on his wrist.

Saudi coach Herve Renard wore a Hublot green ceramic BIG BANG watch during the game. I can’t tell which one it is, but the one that looks like a rhinoceros is limited to 100 pieces worldwide.

England coach Southgate also wore a Hublot watch during the game, but he wore a Hublot smart watch.