Ulysse Nardin breaks the sound barrier with the new Blast Hourstriker

“The rules are for those who don’t want to do it themselves.”-Chuck Yeager.

Take it from the legendary test pilot. Breaking the sound barrier is no easy task. Science has proven that in dry air, the accurate speed of sound is 343 meters per second. In order to break through invisible walls in the sky, the jet must fly at speeds exceeding 767 miles per hour or about 1,234 kilometers per hour. Although today’s topic is very “rooted”, it is also a breakthrough in the field of watchmaking and sound technology.

Introducing Ulysse Nardin Blast Hourstriker
Ulysse Nardin’s new minute repeater Blast Hourstriker, the latest in its music watch series, is an improved version of the United Nations Classico Hourstriker Phantom released in 2019. The modern updated case is inspired by the brand’s BLAST series, and has a certain watchmaking ability.

The brand’s CEO Patrick Pruniaux and his team of mad scientists…well, I mean, watchmakers…have reconsidered the entire concept of sound generation in the form of watches. In turn, they created a new movement designed to amplify the sound output of Blast Hourstriker to a level unheard of in traditional watches.

In essence, Blast Hourstriker deviates from the traditional wire gong hammer system that has been used for centuries in repeaters. Instead, there is a striking mechanism that is connected to a very thin titanium membrane by a torsion bar. The technology was designed in collaboration with the French audio technology company Devialet.

The new UN-621 movement is expected to reduce the sound attenuation caused by the watch case, back cover and movement materials. In traditional repetitive pockets and watches, the sound of gongs and hammers may be captured and therefore inaudible. With Blast Hourstriker, the striking mechanism is now located on the dial side of the watch, which also allows the wearer to appreciate the mechanical ballet that produces a unique sound.

Punch a hole in the air
The 330-piece movement of Blast Hourstriker is a mechanical marvel worth exploring. As you can see from Watchonista’s images, from the case to the case, you can see the hollow dial and the internal automatic blow-manufacturing movement. As if not complicated enough, Blast Hourstriker is also equipped with a flying tourbillon.

Not only the tourbillon! Ulysse Nardin (cheap Ulysse Nardin) is a master of silicon technology, so the movement’s variable inertia balance wheel with silicon hairspring, anchoring and escape wheel is a natural thing. It’s crazy when the least significant feature of the clock is the flying tourbillon, but this is really what makes Blast Hourstriker really impressive.

Blast Hourstriker has a case inspired by a 45mm stealth aircraft. The case is made of black DLC-treated titanium alloy and covered with 5N 18-carat rose gold. The rose gold caseback of this fake luxury watches is particularly eye-catching (do you see what I did there?), the case is shaped like the Blast’s iconic Double X badge, and the shape is hollow. This design ensures the safety of the membrane designed by Devialet and increases the sound amplification effect of the brand’s so-called “high-fidelity speakers”.

The wearer can choose to turn on or off the reminder function of Blast Hourstriker. The chime complication can be activated at any time via the button at 10 o’clock, and will be activated in half an hour and half an hour. After triggering, the hour rack and inertia adjuster will start to rotate. Then, the hammer at 12 o’clock will hit a separate gong designed to bypass the watch movement to prevent sound attenuation. The result is simply noble.

Ulysse Nardin Blast Hourstriker replica comes with three strap options, black alligator leather, waterproof velvet or rubber strap. There is no restriction on the watch, but it will be produced in small quantities.