Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough: Resistant to hammering!

This year, Richard Mille continues its collaboration with polo player Pablo Mac Donough with the RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon, which houses a foolproof horological mechanical movement in a black carbon TPT case. Pure Richard Mille for this masculine and ultra-sporty timepiece.

Richard Mille was a loyal friend. Its ambassadors are not just the men and women who wear their watches for photographs during a certain season. These are real, lasting collaborations. Rafael Nadal, Felipe Massa, Sebastien Ogier, Bubba Watson and Pablo Mack · Dono (Pablo Mac Donough) is not just an ambassador, before becoming the brand image of Richard Mille (Richard Mille), they are all relatives of Richard.

The last watch to emerge from these watchmaking and sporting friendships? RM 53-01 Pablo MacDonough Tourbillon. There is a long story between polo and watchmaking… It begins with Jaeger-LeCoultre and its famous Reverso watch, whose famous reversing case was designed at the time to protect the “glass within glass” “Save from the watches worn by athletes in competitions… the rest of the story will continue with Piaget and its famous Polo watch, and then Hublot and its Infinity Limited series.

Richard Mille has been Pablo Mac Donough’s partner since 2010. This man is literally one of the best polo players in the world. Back then, during their first collaboration, Richard Mille envisioned a copy men watch with a “caparison” case that would protect the watch during a polo match, which can be particularly violent!

This new watch from Richard Mille has been designed in the same spirit. Offers polo players the possibility to wear their watches during matches! But, as you can imagine, polo is one of the most demanding sports on a tourbillon movement (we advise all sane watch lovers not to wear their favorite watch during games). With or without swirls! ).

Sudden turns, violent swings, violent collisions between horse and rider: so much power goes well beyond the norm usually encountered in other sports. Polo, the “king of sports”, is a very elegant but also very physical game.

It’s not a miracle that one of polo’s greatest champions is able to wear a watch, and it’s a tourbillon, fully operational, it’s the product of years of research and research into the performance’s resistance in the face of violent conflict. As experts in the field, the brand designed the RM 53-01 around one goal: to make it extremely durable while exalting its performance.

“Polo is a dangerous game, with shocks and impacts. It’s a game of great grace but also very physical,” explains Richard Mille. Pablo has broken bones many times during his career. Considering this At one point, I asked our team to design a best fashion watch that could withstand the various shocks during a polo match, but the movement had to be visible”.

Realizing that standard crystal could not provide the necessary resistance against the blows of a mallet, the brand’s engineers collaborated with Stettler, a great specialist in the field of sapphire crystal, inspired by the practice of laminated glass for automotive production. The use of this crystal mirror composed of two sapphire crystal mirrors and polyethylene film is the first time in the watchmaking industry. By the way, same as RM…

In the face of the strong shock wave from the impact of the mallet, the glass will crack, but not crack. The glass is treated with UV protection and anti-reflection to protect it from the external environment and is an exclusive patent of Richard Mille.

The case is machined from carbon TPT with serrations of a reinforced structure, an armored case with an astonishing and almost unalterable resistance. Recognized for its excellent resistance to microfractures and microcracks, this material is increasingly used by RM.

Any enemy with whirlwind motion (beyond the gravitational effects it compensates for) is a shock. What is Richard Mille’s solution? Movement suspended by cables. The atypical architecture of the building required the development of two slabs. The first, called the peripheral, is attached to the frame and supports the tensioning mechanism. The second, called the central, is connected to the peripheral plate by cables and contains all the movement’s gear trains as well as the winding mechanism.

The central plate, like a spider in the middle of a spider’s web, rests on 2 braided steel cables with a diameter of 0.27mm. These cables (see photo below) are woven into a three-dimensional structure through 10 pulleys, connected to 4 tensioners. The watchmaker himself puts the cables in tension by turning a splined screw in the center of each tensioner. Richard Mille copy

By ensuring its constant tension, “this pulley system guarantees a perfect balance of the whole. The grade 5 titanium used in the suspended movement and its components (bridges and double bridges) increases rigidity while ensuring a very smooth running of the gear train and optimal shock absorption,” the brand said in its press release.

New Breitling Endurance Pro

New Breitling Endurance Pro As a watch enthusiast, you just need to know some brands. If you think you are a person who knows a watch, then these names have no exception. Breitling This name has become synonymous with pilot watches, which is attributed to the traditional Swiss player’s long tooltheet tradition. However, the time has changed, and the navigates are not the only jewelry on the 100-year spirit. I am talking about the “professional” time plan of a Breitling years. Since the launch of the first Aerospace in 1985, the Player’s Professional Collection has achieved amazing growth.

Recognize new Breitling Endurance Pro

From narrow, the aerospace to the aerospace to the large-rich Chronospace, of course, the most advanced EXOSPACE, the Professional Series has been developed. Oh, don’t expect emergency II, this watch can tell a helicopter that breaks the sky to prevent going in the south. In view of the technical exquisite and durability of professional watch, the 100-year spirit chose it for the new Endurance Pro, which is obvious.

First impression
The idea behind the new 100-year spirit Endurance Pro is very clear. Over the years, luxury sports watches have been limited to the stainless steel housing and mechanical movements. Think about it, this may increase the face value of the watch, but it will not increase its use. This is the driving force of the 100-year spirit, which is made of more stainless steel, and is powered by something more robust than the mechanical movement.

For those who don’t know, Endurance Pro is basically the Sprint time of Sprint, which is basically launched in 1967. The uniqueness of this table is that it provides a “pulse” that enables users to check their own heart. Yes, Apple, you are not the first person to do. This feature can be found in the new Endurance Pro.

The second thing to attract the eye is that the watch uses a non-traditional material. This watch witnessed the use of “Breitlight”, which is launched in 2016. Its weight is 5.8 times the stainless steel, 3.3 times larger than titanium. If you ask me, it is impressive. Since it is suitable for the moving characteristics of the watch, it is ideal.

In-depth details
The height of this watch is 44 mm, considering modern size, quite good. The case is made of Breitlight, which is a material specifically designed for such watches. As mentioned above, a cheap Breitling years of spirit claims that it is light than stainless steel and titanium. The dial is black and has five different colors. Applications Arab Digital Hours Marking and Super Luminova help to improve device readability. The watch also has 100 meters waterproof performance and optional between rubber and nylon straps.

For the movement, the table is powered by the Centennial Caliber 82 movement, which is a high-precision, thermal compensation and robust Swiss Superquartz movement. The movement height is 30 mm, providing time, minute, second, date, and final but not the least important chronograph. Like all Breitling years of spiritual stone, the movement has also obtained COSC certification.

For many people, it will become the best luxury sports watches there. Although it exudes a classic centered spirit, it may make many people surprised because it integrates the advantages of modern aesthetics.

It is honestly that the centenary of the centenary is trying to invade the market in the market that has been dominated by Luminox and various versions of G-Shocks. Despite this, it is not everyone who is looking for a watch that can be played. Some people only want to deal with good old whipping sessions. In this case, it takes about 500 minutes of strenuous activities.

Breitling launched this watch, called “Breitling Endurance Pro Strava Challenge”. The program encourages users of the particular watch for 500 minutes of sweating. It can be cycling, running, sprint or swimming. Basically, anything that allows you to remain active and forced you to improve your heart. Participants who complete the challenge will be drawn. There are rumors that the first prize is a bicycle of Breitling-Colnago brand.

It is certain that this replica watches online will be a huge success.