astronomia watch

When shopping for the best astronomical watch replica, you’ll undoubtedly run into several types. They’re all wristwatches at the core, but some are designed to display more than just the time of day. Astronomical replica watches typically fall into one of four categories: celestial backgrounds, moon-phase display, orbiting planets, and star positions.

Based on the well-known Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon watch with sun, moon and Earth globes, the newest piece is fully updated with a sapphire case for transparent viewing from all sides of the complicated movement. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Flawless $! Million watch makes debut in Geneva

In fact, the Astronomia Flawless features a monobloc sapphire case that consists of the case (case band and lugs as a solid piece), a dome and a caseback. Additionally the watch boasts a sapphire barrel bridge in the movement, a blue sapphire dial and a sapphire buckle on the blue strap.

These are the simplest form of astronomical watches replica. Their faces show a wide range of different astronomical bodies and/or surfaces that are pleasing to the eye but offer nothing else. With each turn of the second hand, the watch shows the positioning of the moon relative to your location with extreme precision.

To complete the package, the watch is presented on a blue alligator strap with an 18k rose gold folding buckle. The caseback. The reverse side of the Astronomia Tourbillon Typhoon features the classic flip-up key on the left to set the time.

This quartz analog watch displays a wealth of data – Current time, Current positions of the constellations (set the planisphere disc via the crown at 3-o-clock), once disc is correctly set you can read azimuth and altitude of the major fixed stars, nebulae and star clusters, local sidereal time, stellar spectral type, pole star hour angle, hours for astronomical twilight and other functions for astronomical observing.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Everest Watch Looks can be deceiving. While the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Everest Watch appears delicate and complex, the timepiece is ready for any rugged adventure.Test it out yourself on an trip to Mt. Everest. Every purchase of the timepiece comes with a journey to the Himalayas lead by Johan Ernst Nilson.