The Hublot Big Bang Golf Watch is brand new with an orange aluminized carbon fiber case to showcase exclusive features

Hublot’s research and development strength is often shown in the application of technical materials such as watchcases and straps, but the brand also has works such as the MP series that have breakthrough performance in the level of complex functions. It can be seen that Hublot’s professional watchmaking level is no less than others. Top brands. Among HUBLOT’s works, there are watches with very different complex functions, because it has functions specially designed for golf lovers. This watch is the Big Bang Unico golf watch. In 2022, this watch will follow the previous After the introduction of black, white and yellow, the Big Bang Unico “Glory Orange” golf watch has been newly added, which uses eye-catching colors to set off the display function of the golf score and the number of holes in the watch.

The Big Bang Unico “Glory Orange” golf watch is a rare work in the watch world that displays the number of golf clubs and holes in a mechanical structure.

The watch still uses aluminized carbon fiber (Texalium®) to make the case, but this time Hublot adjusted it to an orange color. Metal fusion, in this way, can ensure that the watch has the advantages of two materials. The most impressive thing to the wearer is the weight of the watch. The whole watch of the Big Bang Unico Glory Orange Golf Watch weighs only 98 grams, which is not easy to wear when playing. Feeling constrained and more at ease to focus on things on the field.

The watch is made of aluminized carbon fiber combined with the characteristics of carbon fiber and aluminum metal, not only the pattern is very special, but the weight of the watch is amazingly light.

In addition to being a general watch with basic display functions, the Big Bang Unico Glory Orange Golf Watch can also provide practical statistical effects for golf enthusiasts. When wearing this watch for golf, the wearer first presses the yellow putter-shaped button at 2 o’clock to activate the stroke calculation mechanism, and the cumulative score will be displayed in the yellow window at 3 o’clock. . When the next hole needs to be played, the score display can be reset to zero by pressing the button at 4 o’clock. At this time, the hole number display at 9 o’clock will automatically increase by 1. Each time the wearer records a stroke golf ball, the total score will be increased accordingly and displayed in the window at 6 o’clock; once the whole game is over, just press the button at 8 o’clock to change the displayed golf score hole number The display is reset, and Hublot also considers that the button may be touched by mistake, so after the wearer uses the reset button to slightly turn it 45 degrees, the button will be locked. Both the operation and the display method are intuitive and easy to understand, making it a good partner for golf lovers. hublot fake

The putter shape buttons of different colors have the function of starting the calculation of the score and the number of holes. Through the display at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock on the face plate, people can clearly understand the statistics of the game.

The Big Bang Unico Glory Orange Golf Watch retains the pedigree of the Unico series, so its dial pattern is also designed with an open face, revealing a wide range of movement structures, such as the display structure of golf clubs and holes. Into the eye, even when the wearer is operating these functions, you can see the dynamics of the parts moving in conjunction with each other, making people feel the subtle charm of the mechanical display mechanism.

The case back is also made of orange aluminized carbon fiber material, and the limited number is engraved on the lower right corner of the bottom cover to highlight the collection significance of the watch. The Unico under the bottom cover has 3-day kinetic energy, which is very practical for daily wear.

The specifications of the HUB1580 automatic movement on the watch are fully in line with the modern market trend, including the balance wheel vibration frequency of 28,800vph, the power reserve of 72 hours, etc., all of which make the Big Bang Unico Glory Orange Golf fake luxury watches even if you don’t usually use golf balls. The function is only used to match the clothing style and to judge the current moment.