Hublot’s replica watches

Hublot’s latest WEAR OS watch is a special (limited edition) European cup version

Those who are indeed football fans must know, but for those who are not football fans, the Hublot is the brand responsible for the official smart watch and the Watch of the 2018 World Cup referee in Russia. Now, this Swiss company specializing in luxury watches has launched Hublot Big Bang and UEFA EURO 2020, which is a custom-made Hublot Big Bang E version of the European Championship.

For the purpose of practical purposes, the table is identical to the basic table, but in this sports event, it has some decorations, the most striking is a ring of the flag of 12 countries hosting the European Championship. It also provides some specific functions for most footfans and provides other options for the referee, and the referee will wear and use them during the game.

The apparatus has a 42 mm housing that is made of black ceramic sandblast. The crystal is made of sapphire, which is waterproof to three atmospheres (30 meters). The frame around the screen has 12 signs of the event to hold the country, and can be supplemented with a strap (not cheap, be careful) with different teams with colors and individual dials of each participant. cheap hublot

As for the specification, the device has a 390 x 390 pixel (327 DPI) AMOLED screen of 30.8 mm in diameter. Under the hood, we found the Wear 3100 processors of Snapdragon (rather than the latest Snapdragon wear 4100), an executable RAM and 8GB internal storage. Its battery is 300 mAh, and the operating system is of course a WEAR OS.

Other functions included in the operating system are eye-catching. The device is a version of football fans. Its application allows users to pay attention to the game in real time, see: Following time, understand the information, team, player’s classification, and they are The position on the court.

In addition, the referee will be able to manage the duration of the game and may extend from the clock, which will also be connected to the automatic target detection system and var. Saved is that it is a watch with WEAR OS (with its advantages and defects), like other fake watches for sale.