New functions and features: Patek Philippe 5004G-013 Perpetual Split

The Patek Philippe 5004 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph was launched in 1994 and is an extremely complex watch. It is so complicated that Patek Philippe (arguably the most complex watch manufacturer in the world) can only produce twelve models a year during the 17-year regular production run of the watch. A total of 50 stainless steel watches celebrating the advent of this model and a single titanium watch from the Only Watch charity are included, while the 5004 has less than 250 models. This complex, exquisite timepiece is one of Patek Philippe’s most collectible modern watches. The Philippe watch already exists, even if you rule out its rarity, it is definitely an excellent watch. This particular example is the platinum Patek Philippe 5004G-013.

Powered by the Lemania-based CHR 27-70 Q, this hand-winding perpetual calendar dual-second split-second timer has a power reserve of 60 hours. Combine the perpetual calendar with the moon phase and the second chronograph to become a watch, the highest echelon of complex movements.

If you are not familiar with the timing function of the stopwatch, you can actually combine the two stopwatches into one. For example, suppose you find that you want to time a period of time such as lap times in a race; after triggering the timer, both hands will start at the same time, and then you can isolate and pause one hand by pressing the button on the crown . When you pause one hand, the other hand continues, so you are given a little time to be on the first lap while you are still continuing on the second lap. It is intuitive and easy to use, but difficult to build. Coupled with a permanent calendar and moon phases that can track the date, day, moon, moon phase and leap year until 2100, you will begin to understand why this watch is so highly valued. Review replica men watches

From the appearance, this 5004 is doing a lot of work. It seems that this is a complicated instrument. The first thing that stands out is the crown, which itself will be very large, but with a push rod inside, it is too heavy. In comparison, the timing button on the side looks like war. The stepped architecture, prominent lugs and large crown and buttons give a huge photo impression. But the diameter of this watch is only 37 mm and the thickness is only 15 mm. It’s a bit thicker, but it’s too small by modern standards. The modest size and the weirdness of the crown make this watch approachable and fun. Without these two design features, this watch would be intimidating.

There is a good balance between the silver dial and the clean modern San Serif Arabic numerals in white gold and the small gold markings. All numbers will take up too much space. Patek Philippe excellently completed the assembly of all the information on the dial. There is no “chin” or half a number to complain about here. The printed numbers on the outer rails and the sub-dial have the classic stylized appearance that I really unearthed, especially the fashionable 7-shaped. The hierarchical structure is designed so that the dial is not too busy and ensures that the basic content (time and chronograph) can be read immediately.

5004 is the best example of Patek Philippe. This is an elegant, beautiful, and insanely complex timepiece, made even better due to its scarcity. This watch pushed the boundaries of one of the world’s greatest watchmakers to the limit, so much so that they began to dig after making more than 200 examples. This alone is enough to make this stunning platinum recognition the crown of all audiophile series. In addition, the second hand chronograph is also very interesting.