2021 NEW Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail

Nice Replica Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail Men watch

Based on the form of tears, the most air kinetics in nature, SPEEDTAIL is a streamlined dottom, which is a third large tourist that has become a third vehicle in the McLare.

With its 1,070 horsepower hybrid power dynamic power, the speed scale covers an area of ​​112 meters in its top speed of 250 miles / hour / 402 miles (402 miles), making it the fastest McLaren road car so far. McLAREN’s unremitting pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency offers the starting point of RM 40-01 automatic gyro McLarene Speedail design.

Rob Melville, Director of McLarlen Car, said that RM 40-01 shows why these two brands have ideal partners. “Richard Mille watch is called a” racer on the wrist “, which is in the way we approach the problem, such as savings, reducing vibration impact and minimizing resistance. When it comes to 40 -01 RM, we have a considerable input in sharing the highlight of the car. Through the speed title, we set up a car that produces an art quality. This is definitely through the watch, it is finished, Materials and their uncompromising design are exquisitely mirrored in many details. “

Custom and unprecedented exercise

Despite the extraordinary anatomy of the case, Salvador ARBONA, the SARVo, the SALVo, the “engine”, which creates a watch, seamlessly occupying all available space, and introduces a mechanical complexity, making RM 40-01 a proper extraordinary Partner speed title.

The 5-stage titanium has been used for key components such as bridges, bridge screws, bottom plates and rotor cores. The CRMT4 caliber of the drive RM 40-01 describes the first internal development of the power reserve display, and the oversized date and function selector complications. All of this is the first place in Richard Mille in the internal trees.

The new sports architecture requires excellent 8,600 hours of development, most of which finally determines extreme details. The complexity of the components, many details, most importantly, the attention to the finishes of the finger is firmly placed in the peak of the watch made by the Switzerland.

Nice Replica Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail Men watch

Internal caliber CRMT4
Automatic winding gym motion with hours, minutes, variable geometric rotors, overtime, power reserve indicators, and function selectors.

Electric reserve
About 50 hours (± 10%) indicate at 9 o’clock and is powered by planetary differences.

Bridge made of bottom plate and 5-stage titanium
The bottom plate and the bridge are made into 5-stage titanium, a biocompatibility, highly corrosion resistance, and a significant rigid alloy that enables the gear train to operate illegally. The alloy is 50% level titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium.

This combination further enhances the mechanical properties of the material, which explains frequently used in aerospace, aviation and automotive industries.

Skeleton-based bottom plates and bridges have been independent and widely verified to ensure they meet stringent intensity requirements.

Oversized date display

Semihood, horizontally is placed at 12 o’clock, operate on the white field through the calendar discs of the two skeletons.

These dates can be easily corrected by a pusher at 8 o’clock.

Function selector

The pusher located at 4 o’clock allows one of which to select neutral, winding, and manual settings to simply promote the way to gearboxes.

The aperture in 3 o’clock shows the selected function:
n (neutral) – W (winding) – h (hand setting).

Free flow balance with variable inertia

This type of balanced wheel represents the ultimate in innovation. When it is subjected to impact and motion assembly or removal, it guarantees higher reliability, so better programming results over time. The regulator index is eliminated by directly located four small adjustable weights on the balance, and can be more accurate and repeatable calibration.

Variable geometric rotor

  • Platinum oscillation quality
  • Core is made from 5-stage titanium
  • red gold weight segment
  • Black PVD Treatment Metal Guide
  • Oneway® automatic winding using ceramic ball bearings and inversion system mechanisms
  • Two-way winding system

This variable geometric rotor allows the winding function to adjust to the owner’s activity level. Adjusting weight, you can place the transverse direction into the correct position and secure it in place with two spline screws, modify the setting.

When the weight is closer to the outer edge, the inertia of the movement is optimal, so the lens barrel is faster. If the weight is located at the center of the rotor, the inertia is reduced and the tube is slower.

Motion characteristics

  • Sports Size: 30.48mm x 35.35 mm
  • Thickness: 6.81 mm
  • Jewelry quantity: 37
  • Balance: cubic, 4 arm, 4 adjustable weight, inertial torque is 7.5 mg.cm2, 50 ° angle angle
  • Frequency: 28,800 Vph (4 Hz)
  • Balance spring: AK 3
  • Shockproof protection: incabloc 908.22.211.100 (transparent)


From high speed to super observation

It uses FAKE Richard Mille‘s casing department, from Julian Boillat Technology, an unprecedented 2,0000 hours of spreading more than 18 months to improve the line. Just like its based speed title, the strip of the watch mimics the form of water droplets, and the baffle is bursting the valve opening, the push is awakened the air outlet behind the front wheel.

RM 40-01 has one of the highest levels of Richard Mille. Our fishermen and Poles have a lot of development. The attention of the details is extreme, mirror polishing, common and satin effects in different regions and titanium and carbon TPT. The case itself is made of 69 separate parts.

Due to the unprecedented complexity of the design, five prototypes were generated before achieving the best shape. The challenge laid a large wider fact that the titanium baffles and housings are further tapered between the titanium baffles and the housing.

Nice Replica Richard Mille RM 40-01 Automatic Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail Men watch

The design and execution of the watch show the overall method of the concept of sports, cases, and dial.

Therefore, everything is built according to extremely stringent specifications. For example, a sleeve ring is no longer used, and the movement is mounted on a chassis that is fixed by titanium screws (ISO SW).

The baffles and buckets are made of 5-stage titanium, while the shell belt is made of carbon TPT. This is a significant material having a unique terminated termination obtained by using hundreds of carbon fibers in the number of automated process layers, which can change the direction of the weft yarns between the layers. The autoclave is heated to 120 ° C, which is similar to the autoclave for the aviation component, and then prepares the material in Richard Mille.

The tripartite is to ensure 50 meters of waterproof with 2 nitrile O-ring seals. The housing is assembled in 316L stainless steel with a 12-stage 5-stage titanium pollen screw and a wear-resistant gasket.

The strap is also a unique design that uses the rubber version of Vulculor® technology using BIWI SA. This is a unique design that is a special process that enables color rubber to excessively mold – so allowed in 6 o ‘ Symbolic macquelion orange spoofed color striped color stripes extended to the wrist in motion.

Under the leadership of Technical Director Julien Boillat, Richard Mille’s shell department took more than 18 months and took 2,800 hours to complete the production line. replica Richard Mille RM 40-01 McLaren

Like the Speedtail on which it is based, the lines of the watch imitate the shape of water droplets, while the indentation of the bezel evokes the opening of the hood, and the push rod reminiscent of the air outlet behind the front wheel.

Boillat explained: “In addition to drawing inspiration from Speedtail’s drop shape, we also faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating the existing Richard Mille cues with McLaren’s cues.”

“This watch has one of the highest standards accomplished by Richard Mille. Our fishing machines and polishing machines have also developed a lot. The attention to detail is extremely high, and the different areas are mirror polished, flat and frosted, and titanium and CarbonTPT® are used in combination. The case itself is made of 69 parts. “

Due to the unprecedented complexity of the design, five prototypes were created before reaching the optimal shape. The challenge is that the case is much wider at 12 o’clock than at 6 o’clock, the taper between the titanium bezel and the back of the case is greater, and the straps made of carbon TPT® are separated by different lengths. . Titanium pillars.

In order to protect the latest movement of the RM 40-01, Richard Mille has developed a unique upper crystal with a “triple profile” to reduce the taper and thickness of the bezel. It took only 18 months to be perfect.

The strap is also a unique design, asymmetry, and a rubber version made with Biwi SA’s Vulculor® technology. This special process allows the colored rubber to be overmolded-so the iconic can be seen at 6 o’ McLaren orange accented colored stripes. The clock on the movement extends to the wrist.

Despite the unusually complex structure of the watch case, Salvador Arbona, the technical director of the Richard Mille movement, created a watch “engine” that seamlessly occupies all available space and introduces a certain degree of mechanical ingenuity to make the RM 40-01 automatic rotor The flywheel becomes the companion of the appropriate extraordinary Speedtail.

Grade 5 titanium has been used for key components such as bridges, bridge screws, base plates and rotor cores. The CRMT4 movement that drives the RM 40-01 introduces the movement’s first power reserve display and the complication of a large date and function selector, all of which are Richard Mille’s first introduction of an internal tourbillon.

In pursuit of perfection, before the final version came out, three power reserve systems had been developed and integrated into the watch.

The new movement architecture requires an amazing 8600 hours of development time, most of which is spent on finalizing the extremely high level of detail.

The complexity of the components, the many details and most importantly, the attention to finishes put the replica RM 40-01 firmly at the pinnacle of Swiss-made watches. For example, the rim is polished, and the progressive angle (among other elements) and the bevel are progressively polished by hand.

A detail that is often forgotten is that finishing is applied not only to visible parts, but also to hidden parts (such as the surface of the lower part). Some wheels are machined with the famous iconic McLaren logo, which is decorated with a Speedtail engine cover, while the dome parts have new surface contours that need to translate the curve of the car (you can see it on the tourbillon bridge) To).

In order to maintain the overall balance of the watch and the smoothness of the lines, positioning the date corrector at 8 o’clock-an easier option than positioning it at 11 o’clock, which is much more technically complicated, and aesthetically Also more pleasant. bell.

The platinum and red gold winding rotors are inspired by Speedtail’s hood, while the receiver’s setting is inspired by its roof line. The mechanism has a gentle downward curve from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock, reminiscent of the brushed metal divider between the cockpit and the body of a car. McLaren’s dividing line is due to the predecessor Richard Miller (Richard Mille) was inspired by the design of the watch, and the orange wire extending from the lower part of the movement to the strap mimics the vertical brake lights installed on the screen at the rear of the Speedtail.

In order to reflect the 106 McLaren Speedtail watches manufactured, it is planned to produce 106 RM 40-01 McLaren automatic tourbillon watches.

Zenith Chronomaster Open Cohiba 55th Anniversary Edition

From Havana to Le Locle …

In the past five years, Zenith replica has been working with people who are most respected and famous for cigars around the world. This has led to a variety of limited edition models, all of which show colorful and design elements of cigar style. But this year is quite special for Cuba brand because it will celebrate its 55th anniversary. The 55th anniversary of the new Zenith CHONOMASTER Open Cohiba is launched with the sixth special edition of Huamenos and the sixth special edition of Fuzhou, Le Locle’s brand launched a new Zenith CHONOMASTER Open Cohiba 55th anniversary.

The appropriate time is suitable for the days of the Habanos world. This is a three-day online activity. Its plan is similar to the traditional internal music festival in Havana for more than 20 years, which is challenged by the special meeting, the virtual tourism cigar factory and the Habanos world challenge competition. Test Test Zenith’s understanding of the fanatic cigar enthusiasts, adding this highly limited replica watches usa in the famous Cuban cigar manufacturer Cohiba.

Inspired by the signature two-color box for cigars, Zenith is reorganizing one of its classics, it is open. Packaging and strip wrenches, packaging clipping wrenches, this new normal open Cohiba dials the 55th anniversary version of the dial in different red tones in the lower part of the dial, and white black checkered pattern, The upper part. In addition to classic faces and ostrich and application indicators, the brand also includes a yellow timing second seconds with star heavier. A dontal dial for 30 minutes and 12 hours counters perform in silver white. And is working, the watch has a diameter between 9 and 12 points, reveals high-speed regulator and an escapement with purple silicon emitters and lever. Supplementary this 42mm stainless steel box look, watch wearing a folded buckle on the disclosed black crocodile belt.

Under sapphire crystals, Cohiba 55 logo decorated in the inner side is Caliber El Primero 4061, Chronometer certification, automatic high frequency integrated timer, with column wheel and horizontal clutch. Like most EL Primero-based engines, it beats in 5Hz (36,000 Vph). It has a 50-hour power reserve and is equipped with Geneva stripes, circular grinding and blue screws.

Technical Specifications – Zenith Chronomaster Open Cohiba 55th Anniversary Edition
Case: 42mm diameter – stainless steel box, brushing and polishing – sapphire crystal front and table sanitary – 100m waterproof
Dial: Turnt and Refuzzle Drop – Black and Yellow, Bearing Special Cohiba Ornaments – Galvanium, Facial Hands and Markers, SUPERLUMINOVA SLN C1
Sports: Caliber El Primero 4061 – COSC Certification – Automatic Hi-Beat Integrated Time Code Table, Column Wheel and Horizontal Clutch – 31 Jewelry – 36,000 Vibration / Hours – Silicon Silitone Eat Rounds – 50H Power Reserve – Hours, Minutes, Small Second, the timer 30 minutes and 12 hours of counter
Tablet: black crocodile leather strap with protective rubber lining steel folding buckle
Reference: 03.2041.4061 / 55.c496

Jacob & Co. Astronomica

Jacob & Co. Astronomical Tyu Dragon Watch Practice One of the most impressive things that is easily tied to the Baselworld’s wrist is the completed Jacob & Co.Stronomia Tourbillon watch (and diamond set Jacob & Co.Stronomia Tourbillon gaguette). At my wrist stares on a mechanical planet system wrapped in huge sapphire crystals, there is a very real and very spacious smile on my wrist, according to some people, even without business, because it relies on the top.

It is a crazy watch that is Jacob & Co. Best Watch and Jewelry Company, I think it should be received more attention than coming from observation enthusiasts. I have written a lot about Jacob Arabia for many years. Let us face it, he is in a dazzling world wealthy and famous business. This is a very high order, people need to appreciate the money tried to wow the world, so it is not easy to cause people to pay attention to avoid attention.

I have learned a lot of things in time, as a luxury watch writer / blogger / critics / others, one of which is the world of rich people, extremely different from those who are not rich. Typical existence, it is true, although everyone goes to the toilet, putting pants on a legs, there are only different problems and considerations in life. Ok, now it is enough, let us return to Mr. Arabo and some watches, I think those who are not in his world don’t know much.

If you try to measure Jacob & Co. Astromia Tourbillon, please be related to the diving tool watch, as trying to compare a strong log cabin with the sea. Yes, both are structural structures, the first possibility will produce more, but the latter is about social positioning, and rewarding their own ability. You see, no matter how rich you, you need something to save there.

Jacob & co. It is a brand, and its top item is the claws of people who can buy, but still need to consider millions of dollars. I will put it in another way, the royal family wear and live in the castle to convey your own things – about their power, reputation, and life. Those who do this have no crowns and castles, but those people still get those interesting people.

Diamonds and highly complex watches can serve as a wearable magnetic force of the power. At the end of the day, this is the state and social symbol. First of all, it is about attracting a partner, after which it is to tell you the people around you, you have some power or privilege they have. We all want to force, we all feel angry for those who have power (especially when we feel that they don’t match). Love or hate it, Jacob & Co. The watch is the design of Mr. Arabo’s talents, the design of this matter. After all, this is a guy who has just come out, just came out of the post called hundreds of millions of people.

As you can enjoy Jacob & Co. Astromia Tourbillon as a neat machine, but when you put it on your wrist and take out two inches of height in sapphire and 18k gold bars, you really tell people about your own business. I hope I think the concern is positive, right? Now, please allow me to retreat, remind you that there is exquisite way to display diamonds and a very unknown way. This is a subtle criticism of diamond watch criticism. I think there is only a few people to fully appreciate it. Those who have been very expensive to have an extremely expensive diamonds and ask them – and then compare the time and time. Jacob & Co. It is unique because they can ride “too much, completely enough parts.

Jacob & co. History has a long history, working with the concept of Swiss sports manufacturers, but it is another company, they cooperate for astronomy. For this series, Jacob & Co. Working in Switzerland Studio7H38, responsible for the wild fabric in Jacobi Touri Wheel. Take a closer look, the mechanism is deeply impressive, but it is not done like Greubel Forsey. Ok, there is nothing is true, so this is not a fair comparison. Sport is a small industrial mechanism, I don’t even know how to describe its complications. Let us start from the three-axis gourmet, which is one of the four arms in sports.

Please note that Jacob & Co. Astronomical situation is seen by the entire JCEM01 of manual wreath movement, the planet structure is actually sitting on the lead pad. It is actually a motorized barrel, and some system design is carried out in historical historical heads. All four arms are connected through a special differential system, and the system is completely rotated every 20 minutes. This is the first axis of the gyro.

The gyro system itself has two additional axis points, and each shaft point is rotated every 60 seconds and then along different directions per 5 minutes. The gyro is a dial from the Touri Wheel, which is so cool because it can be erected from the rotation of the dial. I just like that kind. There is then a weapon with tiny hand-painted titanium balls, and there is a “Jacob Clip” diamond, with a registration process, which provides a spherical case and 288 small planes for Diamonds. Global and diamond disco balls are completely rotated every 60 seconds.

What is the focus of all these rotations and exercise? Of course, “hypnotic thinking”; this is about visual brilliance (it works). So, as I said, if you think it is too difficult to understand Jacob & Co.Stronomia Touring, you will continue to ask “Why?” This is not why, it’s just because it is cool because they can. When you are Jacob & C customers, you don’t want to hear the operational territory and mathematical equation – you want to be dazzled, entertaining, and remind you to be special. Any people wearing Jacob & Co. Astronomical Touring Wheel are “special”.

Jacob & Co. replica The gyro cartridge is 50 mm width, the thickness is 25 mm, and the gyro cartridge is made of 18K rose gold, which contains very good AR coated sapphire crystal. Although not everyone may “get” Jacob and Astronomy, you can tell the design very well. To operate a watch or wind, but the “key” returned. And Jacob & Co. Astonomia Tourbillon is the same, wearing surprising comfort. That is to say, until you accidentally hit the wall or table.

If you are watching your lover, use Jacob & Co. Astromiamia Tourbillon Gaguette is very interesting using Jacob & Co. Astromiamia Tourbillon Gaguette. I mean, it should be interesting at the end of the day. Jacob Arab may have an interesting reputation, but it is very good for his customers and some of them.

In all of these, I am trying to do what is to help explain the miracle weird world, such as Jacob and Jacobs, Tianhua Touri Wheel and Jacob and Jacob, the strange world of the world. Astromia Tourbillon rectangle Gem, it adds 16 carat intangible set bread cutting diamonds. For ordinary people, so much about exaggerated wealth shows an offensive, which may be for good reasons, because this news is really about “I better than you.” But imagine that a person can get this thing of this thing, not to make their peers, because of their price, they just hope to visually wow and impress people. Luxury “Your face” element will never disappear, I am definitely a fan of luxury. With this, I think many people are fascinated by the rich, and because they will not go anywhere, they can do some quite amazing things that you will find, worse. Deluxe inner rushes, luxurious rooms. https://www.moonphase-watch.com