Jacob & Co. tunes its Astronomia minute repeater

Because the minute repeater ranks among watchmaking’s elite complications, it’s usually presented in a proper, traditional form with minimal embellishments other than traditional finishes. Jacob & Co. has always been an extrovert among the few minute repeater watchmakers, but it took the opposite approach. Its latest Astronomia watch features a full display of gongs and hammers, as well as a three-axis tourbillon, a hemispherical constellation globe with two half-carat spherical diamonds, a global lacquer globe and a miniature astronaut orbiting the dial. player, locked in a 40-second spin. The busy 3D composition is layered within a curio cabinet-sized case, 50mm wide x 26mm thick, against a backdrop of stacked gears and aventurine rings, hand-painted with stars, planets and the Milky Way.

Jacob & Co.’s three-axis tourbillon Astronomia watch, first launched in 2014. Other pieces in the collection include the Astronomia Spider, Astronomia Casino, Astronomia Gambler, Astronomia Octopus and several Astronomia Solar watches with spherical stones representing planets. It was the first minute repeater in the line, and in typical Jacob & Co. style, it was a blockbuster in its class: a Carillon minute repeater with three gongs and hammers instead of the traditional two . The gongs are stacked vertically rather than next to each other at the case perimeter, which makes them more clearly visible through the sapphire case sides. Carillon chimes, 15 minutes and minutes, using the notes Do, Re and Mi. A safety feature prevents the watch from being wound when striking the time.

Jacob Arabo and Luca Soprana at the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon, sparkling little universes on their wrists

Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co., is known for his jewelry and diamond-encrusted fine jewelry watches. He is also known for being the first to mine the intersection between high luxury and pop culture, and while celebrity has been an adjunct to luxury marketing for as long as there have been celebrities, it was Jacob who really made luxury watches desirable. Cloth has featured pop music celebrities and their fans — as well as movie stars, supermodels and other major media personalities. However, in the past 10 years he has also entered the watch industry in a more technical way, making mechanical timepieces with unusual complications that are really different from what anyone else has made.

Jacob & Co.’s first major mechanical complication was the Quenttin Tourbillon, which set a record for the longest power reserve in a replica tourbillon watches at the time: 31 days. Subsequent complications included the SF24, a 24-time zone watch with a split-flap display for the second time zone, based on the information boards that were once ubiquitous in train stations and airports. However, his most notable release over the past few years has been the Astronomia Tourbillon.

The Astronomia Tourbillon debuted at Baselworld in 2013, and it was, to put it mildly, a sensation. The watch is huge: 50mm in diameter with a domed sapphire crystal 25mm high. Under the sky-like dome is a four-armed vehicle. One arm ends with a three-axis tourbillon, and opposite the tourbillon is the movement (which moves the hour and minute hands) and a skeletonized dial. The other two arms feature an enamelled globe representing the Earth and a 288-faceted 1-carat diamond representing the Moon. The idea is not to make an astronomically accurate representation of the orbits of the Earth or the Moon, but to create a visual display that evokes the same sense of wonder as looking up at the night sky. The background of the whole show is aventurine.

BLANCPAIN has no RAD limited edition to the fifty-year-old

BLANCPAIN DIVERS’s limited edition is popular in today’s market, so when they announce it, it is best to take fast actions, if you want to protect your collection. They also have additional benefits, namely, with a wider wrist, reserved in a limited edition with a smaller 40.3mm case diameter. Blancpain pays tribute to the 50-year-old Fathoms No Rad Limited version of the famous 50-year-old Fathoms, proudly boasted it did not use any radioactive compound to increase the visibility of the diver.

The original fifty-year-old Fathoms NO RAD was born in realization, and radioactive compounds such as radiatur may be very harmful to those who interact with materials. Many military watches in the era of health problems have occurred, with health problems, these organizations are looking for a watch that can provide easy-to-readable watches without exposure to hazardous substances. Before the curve, BlancPain launched a fifty-year-old Fathoms No Rad in the mid-1960s because there is no guarantee of harmful radioactive compounds in the watch.

According to BlancPain, “In the early 1960s, radio-intended radioactive components used in the tabulation of its luminescent substance – was announced to health. In order to make professional diver and experienced amateur enthusiasts, they from professional The equipment provider has purchased 50 people’s watches, so it decides to clearly indicate that there is an acactivated radium – and it is harmless. Special symbols consisting of three red segments on a yellow cross with black cross Radio-free words designed to ensure that the news is easy to understand. “

Although there is a new two-part documentary by the history of BlancPain, we will quickly cover the website, we also recommend you to see the Jeffery Kinston’s spring lecture “50-year-old Fathoms: concept and evolutionary modern diving watch”. During an overview, he covers all aspects of the 50-year-old history, and also involved the Nar model of BlancPain with this new version. Interestingly, he discussed all government trials that the watch must accept (similar to how Omega SpeedMaster endured testing through NASA). For example, the watch must have a pressure of up to 175 pounds / square inch, and must also survive 40 “tube test: the test is laid, and then press the 40-inch tube straight on the crystal and then 5/8” steel ball Falling into the tube to right and right to see if it can take it. Hey …

BLANCPAIN has no RAD limited edition to the fifty-year-old

For those who appreciate more compact, you are so happy to know that Blancpain pays tribute to the fifty fathoms without the diameter of 40.3mm – only the diameter of Limited-Edition 50 Fathoms Diver. The case is also relatively thin, enters a very manageable 13.23 mm thick. Through the rotation of the rider crown, waterproof to 300 meters, which means that the diver is more than an adventure that can enter the ocean in the ocean. Although paying tribute, BlancPain pays tribute to the fifty-year-old, no RAD limited edition is never 1: 1 pay tribute – but it is still very loyal. A slight difference is a modern manufactured product. Blancpain Tribute to Fifty Fathoms No Rad for Only Watch

The shape of the housing is slightly different from the original, especially in the lugs of the watch. The original raised lug is longer, as the modern contribution is as short as tinnitus. Part of which is because the new version has a larger sapphire when the original sapphire is, of course, there is no sapphire insertion. The BlancPain text found in the 9 ‘side of the case is not original, stamps are more like a modern design language. Blancpain pays tribute to Fathoms, and there is no RAD limited edition to pay tribute to the diver’s civil liberation. This can be found with polishing or brushing cover, because the military model only brushes the surface of the face to ensure that the light reflection does not disclose their soldiers. To the enemy. Through this modern, the bumps are elegant and luxurious, and the Blancpain brand is related to the earth.

The dial is also very loyal, only a small difference. “Blancpain fifty fathoms” font style modern, no radiation logo is not like the hands in the hands, markers and baffles – but in the original dark yellow. The matte black dial is very intuitive, with the divers of the times, the loyal deviation of the modern trend with the glossy dial. The white hand has a flare filler of Faux-TiNa tuning, which matches the BEZEL scale and the color tag and circular marker indicating the time. However, micro trajectories are printed with a white hash marker, just like the original fifty fathoms no Rad. Also match the original is 3 ‘date aperture, with white border, frame on white date disc.

In order to keep the correct aesthetic period, the watch has paired with the tropical rubber table of the BlancPain brand. The straps have sufficient nail holes that use the pin and buckle system to dimension the watch. Tropical rubber tables really linked to their heritage and roots, more in line with the contents of the army.

The inside of the watch is a blurred caliber 1151. This is a movement and costume watch (or even from the Breguet’s watch), which means it is not only strong enough, but it is neither acceptable. Bridges and curved buildings expand well, may be mechanical, but still very attractive to your eyes. You also have a good implementation of CotésdeGENEVE to the bridge. The rotor has been designed to match the rotor shape of the old diver, but as a modern fake watches for sale, you can get a luxury in black 18K gold. Gold’s quality leads to a more effective winding, a good feature of the daily wearer’s movement. 1151 sports have four days, or 100 hours of power reserves, and hosted modern upgrades, even if the watch is a tribute model, we can also raise all upgrades: a highly anti-magnetous hair.