“Time Poetry Journey” by Van Cleef & Arpels

Parisian jeweller Van Cleef & Arpels (VC&A) is hosting a major exhibition of its fine jewellery and complicated watches in Singapore.

Known for their innovative, quirky mechanisms and sophisticated finishes, VC&A has gone all out. The event features some of the brand’s most luxurious creations, from fascinating complicated watches to incredible high-jewelry sets.

One of the central themes of the exhibition is the brand’s most famous complication, the two-way retrograde display of two lovers on the bridge, the Pont des Amoureux.

Another part of the exhibition is dedicated to the brand’s astronomical complications, including the Lady Arpels Planetarium, a compact 38mm watch that captures the movements of Mercury, Venus, Earth and the Moon on its 3D dial.

Lady Arpels Pont des Amoureux – an elegant, effortless combination of high jewellery and innovative watchmaking

Lady Arpels Planetarium – Time is indicated by shooting stars orbiting the dial

At the same time, VC&A is also showcasing its haute horlogerie infused with modern technology. One of the exhibits is the entire Lady Arpels Zodiaque Lumineux collection, each with a luminous constellation dial. The secret of the lighting system lies in a piezoelectric material, activated by the vibrations of the movement, which in turn lights up the LEDs behind the translucent enamel beads that make up the constellation.

Also on display is a range of historical objects from the brand’s museum, including pocket watches, wallet watches, and bracelet watches such as the famous Cadenas bracelet.

But the exhibition is not just about bling and gadgets. A room is dedicated to an in-depth exploration of the brand’s technological achievements. Attending to explain VC&A’s exclusive complications was Rainer Bernard, head of watch development. best online watch store

HYT skull

HYT Bespoke, a truly customized experience

Adding a custom touch to a timepiece allows the owner to create a watch to commemorate a special moment in their life, or have a timepiece that is unique and will not be worn on another person’s wrist. Today HYT launched HYT skull.

The goal of the team is to meet the needs of watch lovers with a personal creative vision. HYT Bespoke provides solutions ranging from personalized options to creating ultra-exclusive and unique works. All of HYT’s artistic, scientific and technical expertise is integrated into these one-off creations.

Upon request, hold creative meetings and visit HYT’s laboratory, allowing customers to discover in detail the full potential of HYT and its ecosystem-the combination of creativity and engineering.

There are two personalization programs available:

Custom one:
In addition to the imagination of the customer, there are almost no restrictions. The plan has only one goal: to make the customer’s dream a reality. Personalization and development of sports, modification of component shapes, materials, glass capillary shapes, fluid colors, etc.: all options are available. If the customer wants and is possible, fake HYT will do it!

Customized two
This module provides customers with the opportunity to personalize the appearance of HYT by modifying some existing components or materials: coating, material, engraving, and color are some of the available options. As you can see from the picture below, if you want your HYT timepiece to reflect your patriotism, you can customize the watch to match the color scheme of your home country’s national flag. Wholesale fake watches